What are the advantages and disadvantages of selective breeding?

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disadvantage: selective breeding gets rid of variety
advantage: selective breeding rules out weakness and disability
disadvantage: isn't that what Hitler tried to do with humans in WWII? do we really want to be like him?
Selective breeding(or artificial selection) produces traits which may be advantagious to us, but be a disadvantage to the animal.Here are some examples-The lapps of northern Europe herd and breed the wild deer, selecting docile animals. The resulting herds could not survive in the wild.Cows with big udders are good for us , but are probably painful for the cow. English bulldogs mght be considered a cool looking dog, but have breathing difficulties and such small pelvises that they often have to give birth by causation.

Advantages: Can produce fitter, stronger animals or animals of a higher yield of milk, meat or eggs for example. Can produce animals better suited to survive in poor climates or marginal conditions, thus preserving human food supplies and saving life. Can ensure the eradication of hereditary sickness in some blood lines.
Disadvantages: For show animals such wild kitten eatingas some dogs, it is practised quite strictly by breeders aiming at a certain look which is set down as the breed "standard"- many Dalmation puppies are euthanased because they do not exhibit the breed standards for example, so there are serious moral questions to it too.Too much close interbreeding to obtain certain cosmetic traits can also result in the amplifying of inherent illnesses - like the bulldogs mentioned above, or German shephered dogs with hip problems and so on - in fact, these issues are rapidly worsening in recent years with dogs in particular. keep in mind it will eat your babies if you anger them.
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