What are the advantages and disadvantages of western cultures?

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Advantages of culture.
Disadvantages of culture.
1.due to culture , we now have access to electricity.
2.we now have access to faster technology. such as the use of mobile phones.etc
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Disadvantages of western culture?

One disadvantage to western culture is the fact that it focuses onthe individual. Other cultures put more value on working as a unit.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of mall culture?

The advantages of the mall culture is that various commodities andservices can be found within one roof. Individuals from differentcontinents also get the opportunity of inter

Advantages and disadvantages of batch culture?

Batch Culture:- . It is the one of the mode of suspension culture technology which belongs to animal tissue culture. In this culture, cell growth is limited not by nutrien

What is cultural relativism and what are its advantages and disadvantages?

Cultural relativism is the view that virtually any feature, custom, or behavior of any given culture is neither better nor worse than that of any culture. This approach derive

What are advantage and disadvantage western medicines?

The main advantages of western medicine are accessibility and easein dosing. Disadvantages include becoming immune to certain drugsafter using them for long periods; masking t

Advantages and disadvantages of western dress?

the disadvantage is western societies claim to have uplifted women, on the contrary it has actually degraded them to the status of concubines, mistress and society butterflies

What are the advantages and disadvantages of corporate culture?

Advantages: you need this type organization where people come together to create something like an automobile, and not fear the loss of personal assets in case the enterprise

What are the disadvantages of western culture in India?

Western culture has brought many changes in India. Some possible disadvantages are: The food habits have also changed.Indians have started to eat pizza, burgers, franks and ot

What are the advantages and disadvantages of primary culture?

The disadvantages of primary culture consist of early assumptions that can, and have been, proved wrong. Like Galileo discovering rifts, mountains, valleys and other geologica

What are the advantage and disadvantage of western culture in India?

The advantage India got was the spirit of aggression, possession and warfare- which India lacked. And the disadvantage - the Western Culture has taught the philosophy of mater
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What are advantages and disadvantages of cultural diversity?

The presence of Western traders in India increased the demand forgoods and services in India. As a result of the British living inIndia, Indian artisans, weavers and craftsmen