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If you hit a descent you can coast, which is more energy efficient than walking downhill. If you need to transport gear you can hang it on the bike instead of carrying it. A bike gives you a wider range of speeds than what you'd get on foot.
1. Keep Fit
2. Stay slim
3. Eat what you want
4. Cheapest method of comuting
5. No expesive car park fees
6. Apreciate the country side
7. Fresh air
8. Good for your Heart
9. Great way to tone your body
10. Never get stuck in a Traffic Jam
Riding a Bike is a very good and practical way of keeping fit

Advantages to Riding a Bike
Exercise and no fuel costs.
U save the environment by not wasting gas and less pollution,

You save much $cash$ which stays in your pocket, and stay/feel healthier by using the bike all the time.
Bicycles have their own advantages. You can use it for commuting to nearby places. Its also a great way to save environment and save fuel. Cycling is also a perfect exercise for heart and a great way to stay in shape. That's why i prefer my bicycle for my collage commuting. I own a Hero Cycle and I enjoy riding on it..It's very durable and stylish... This way I save my pocket money, keep myself healthy and my surroundings as well..
a good reason to ride your bike would be to save gas,good exercise,and no polution in the air.
There are some key benefits that come with bike riding....

1. It's great for the environment.
2. You get the same aerobic workout riding a bike as you would jogging
3. It is much easier on the joints.
4. Save on gas.
5. Gain more energy.
6. Can be done anytime, anywhere.
7. The whole family can do it.
8. Increased heart and lung function.
9. Stronger leg muscles. (Remember to stretch before going on a serious bike ride)
10. Even those with arthritis can bike ride, and their joints will actually feel better afterwards.
It's a nice, non-polluting kind of exercise.
They offer a nice way to get some low-impact exercise and a possibility to travel useful distances w/o any emissions.

Riding a bike can reduce your carbon footprint if you choose not to drive but cycle instead.


By cycling you are getting more exercise which can help you develop stronger muscles and bones, as well as helping to loose weight which can be a risk factor in a number of diseases. Losing weight can also reduce blood pressure and blood cholesterol which are risk factors for other diseases.

Well Being

Having a bike and taking it out with friends to a park or on a cycle ride in the countryside you can effectively de-stress and relax.


Petrol and parking are expensive and public transport can be expensive as well. after the initial cost of the bike and the necessary safety equipment cycling is almost free from cost. Refreshing

When your riding you can have a breeze of air in your face and the enjoyment of finishing a long ride or achieving a goal before you ride
It's non-polluting, doesn't add to road or parking congestion and allows you to get some exercise while you're going places.
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