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The advantages of artificial selection are really not numerous. There are a few, but they are rarely easy to find. I had to spend hours searching different websites until I could compile a group of five. Here's my group:
  • Faster evolution, meaning the world will adapt to changes better
  • We can create crops resistant to chemicals, therefor they can better and quicker
  • In the near future, people will be resistant to many life-threatening diseases
  • Near perfect hybrid variety
  • New species

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How do humans affect artificial selection?

Humans directly affect artificial selection. They do this by  selecting the specific traits that they prefer which they cannot  don in a natural selection.

How is Natural Selection different from Artificial Selection?

Natural selection is when the traits that make an organism survive and reproduce better in their environment become more common. An example of natural selection would be light

Artificial and natural selection?

Artificial selection is when a human determines how an animal or plant breeds. For example: dog breeding. A breeder will put a male and female dog of the same breed together w

Define artificial selection?

Human intervention in animal or plant reproduction to ensure that certain desirable traits are represented in successive generations

Why did artificial selection interest Darwin?

He noticed a lot of variation in domesticated plants and animals.    Darwin saw artificial selection as a means of understanding natural  selection.

Why is selective breeding known as artificial selection?

Selective breeding is known as artificial selection because you are  selecting the mates instead of letting them select their own. It's  bypassing nature so it's classified

How are natural and artificial selection similar?

Natural selection and artificial selection both involve an organism's traits being determined by how much they're favored. Then, the organisms with favorable traits pass those

How is a artificial selection different from natural selection?

Artificial selection is when humans choose which individual organisms breed with each other. Natural selection can be interpreted two ways: 1) Organisms breed without human in

What is difference natural selection and artificial selection?

Natural selection is the result of natural occurrences. In an area that gets a lot of snow, small animals that don't blend in with white snow are more likely to be spotted by

What is artificial selection?

Artificial Selection Answer Artificial Selection is the breeding of  certain traits (better traits) over other traits. For example,  breeding a good male horse with excellen

How does artificial selection differ from natural selection?

Artificial and natural selection are two matters which are very different however can be easily confused. Natural selection describes the process of evolution. Natural selecti

How natural selection differs from artificial selection?

They are both basically the similar, except artificial selection involves human intervention while natural selection is, as the name implies, natural. Nature selects only th
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What are the major dangers of artificial selection?

Well, if you are going for breeding animals - if done right, none really   If going with allowing the weak to survive when they would die off to natural selection - more of

Natural selection and artificial selection?

Natural Selection- Where the species develops immunity to the detrimental vagaries of its environment or becomes extinct because of it. Artificial Selection- Where someone i

Why are cattle bred by artificial selection?

They are not. Cattle (cows and heifers) are bred either via artificial insemination, or natural breeding. .