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Selective breeding helps to rule out weakness and disability in animals and helps make farming more lucrative for farmers by providing more robust animals for sale.

Corn would only have ten kernels or less per ear withour selective breeding!
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What is the product of selective breeding?

Selective breeding is when parents with idealistic traits are crossed (mate) to produce offspring with exaggerated versions of these traits. Multiple matings usually occur to

What is mass selection in animal breeding?

Mass selection in animal breeding is when certain animals are  chosen for certain desirable traits to pass on. Once those animals  are obtained, they are bred to control wha

When did selective breeding begin?

  Selective breeding has been existed from approximately 1300-1600. The exact date is not possitive. It started with grain, getting better products' of grain and of coarse

Bad points of selective breeding?

The main bad thing about selective breeding is that it can be very bad for the animals health. Take the pedigree dog, the King Charles Spaniel. This dog has been selectively b

What is the process of selective breeding?

  Selective breeding is when you mate specific plants or animals to pass on a certain genetic trait they may have. For example, if you have two horses with very strong hea

Why is selective breeding used in horses?

For some breeds such as Arabians, its to keep their pure bloodlines. Other times it will be because the person breeding may be looking for certain characteristics in conformat

What are the advantages and disadvantages of selective breeding?

disadvantage: selective breeding gets rid of variety advantage: selective breeding rules out weakness and disability disadvantage: isn't that what Hitler tried to do with

What are the purposes of selective breeding in dogs?

Selective breeding has produced hundreds of different breeds of dog over several centuries. If it wasn't for selective breeding (choosing two dogs with the most desireable fea

What are the steps of selective breeding?

Step One : Breed those individuals your plant/animal to have Step Two : Choose the characteristic you want Step Three : Select individuals that have the characteristic S

Does selective breeding benefit farmers?

Selective breeding can provide a preferred quality of food for the farmer. This means that the food produced will be preferred by customers, resulting in a larger sale and pro
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Why is selective breeding expensive?

well there are many reasons to why it is expensive but I only know one, and that is that the animals that you have selectively bred may have consequences to the genes it has i