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What are the advantages of using IT in a supermarket?

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How does the computers help us in Supermarkets?

Computers help us in the supermarkets in many different ways such as: 1. The use of credit cards.- This is actually a computer program that causes this exchange to be possibl

What technology can be used in a supermarket?

mini sat navs on the trolleys to take you to items mini calculators built into the trolleys and baskets to keep track of how much your shopping has come to so then you dont go

Advantages of using computer in a supermarket?

Supermarkets use computers for many things. In the office they usea computer for scheduling, keeping track of money, and keepingtrack of all the shipments expected and what's

How is biology useful in supermarket?

It's not. Haha. Many people such as the person above^^^answer questions like this "It's not. Haha." Well it is. How do you know where your food came from? Well! That's right

What do the Supermarkets use spreadsheets for?

People from almost all occupations and vocations can benefit from using spreadsheets. All major companies and a lot of smaller ones do use spreadsheets. It is useful in budget

How is ict used in supermarkets?

Information communication technology (ICT) is used in supermarkets by keeping the freezers cold (digital control) reduce time and speed up serving of customers (getting comput

Why are bar codes used in supermarkets?

  Bar codes are used to uniquely identify a specific type of item in the store. This eases checkout because the price can be automatically looked up. It eases inventory

Advantages and disadvantages of a supermarket?

Advantages: You could find anything you could imagine (maybe not everything because someone from latin America wouldn't be able to find their speciality foods in an American

What are the advantages and disadvantages of supermarkets?

  It is hard to say which kind of shop is better. Both a corner shop and a supermarket has many advantages and disadvantages. The corner shop is generally small and has

Why supermarkets use database?

Like any other business, there are many things a supermarket needs to keep track of. For example, their employees and what shifts they are scheduled to work. The database can

Why does supermarkets use bar codes?

To make stock-control easier. Every item has its own unique bar-code - each time the item is scanned at the till, the computer system updates the stock list. The manager can t