What are the answers for chapter 8 in ecce Romani 1 in the workbook?

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The answers are
8B= ?
8C= 1Est, 2faciunt, 3sedetis, laboratis, 4?, 5Dormit
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What is the translation of 'Ecce Romani' 1 Chapter 13?

Meanwhile, the Cornelii were traveling through Appian Way.Cornelius, because he wanted to arrive at the city in three days,was ordering Syrus to urge on the horses again and a

Where are translations of Ecce Romani Book 1 Chapter 14?

Try visiting www.phschool.com . It's the Pearson curriculum group website. The group includes Pearson Prentice Hall, which is the publisher of the 'Ecce Romani' series. Click

What is the translation of Chapter 1 of Ecce Romani 2?

Cornelia is a Roman girl. Flavia is also a Roman girl. Cornelia andFlavia are Roman girls who live in Italy. Cornelia and Flavia arefriends. Today the girls do not sit but wal

What is the translation of 'Ecce Romani' 1 chapter 6?

It is not yet light, but Cornelia gets up and walks through the country house. Mother and father and Marcus are still sleeping. Even Sextus is sleeping and not annoying Cornel

What are the answers for chapter 5 in ecce Romani 1?

Translations forecce romani book 1 ch. 5 Cornelia and Flavia often walk in the garden. If the day is warm the walk out of the garden and into the woods, because the stream

What is the translation of Ecce Romani 1 chapter 12?

Davus is worried, for it is necessary to find Geta. When a slaveruns away, the master always blames the overseer. Also he is alwaysbeaten. Cornelius is a good master, but when

What is translation for ecce Romani 1 chapter 19?

Everyone entered the inn. "Do you want to http://wiki.answers.com/Q/Ecce_Romani_1_chapter_19_translation# ?, "says the innkeeper. "My slaves are able to immediately prepare

What is the translation of ecce Romani book 1 chapter 18?

The carriage is still stuck in the ditch. The Cornelius', were going to the inn by the way, which is not far away. Cornelia, who was no longer crying, walked with Eucleide. Th

What is the translation of ecce Romani 1 chapter 22?

It was now day. At first light the carriage driver helped the slaves of the innkeeper drag the carriage out from the ditch and move it towards the inn. Then the slaves dragged

What is the answers for ecce Romani 1 chapter 6 exercise 6a?

A) Copy question B) Translate question C) Answer question in Latin D) Translate answer 1A) Quis surgit? 1B) Who rises? 1C) Cornēlia surgit. 1D) Cornēlia rises.