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What are the applications of photogrammetry in the military?

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To identify troop movements and targets. And to create digital terrain models for use by infantry and ground hugging missiles.
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Military application forms?

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In Photogrammetry what is Interior Orientation?

In Interior orientation (IO) the internal geometry of the camera or sensor is defined as it was during the time of photography. During this process image pixel coordinate syst

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What is difference of metric photogrammetry and interpretative photogrammetry?

PHOTOGRAMMETRY METRIC | PHOTOGRAMMETRY INTERPRETATION / Measuring from ground position, elevation distances, areas and volumes. | Existing in a qualitative manner like ti

What is the advantage and disadvantage of robot in military applications?

I can tell you at least one of each: Advantage: The human death toll for the country that uses them would be extremely low Con: Machine will never have a judgement, or instinc

What are the applications of radars in the military?

\nPrimarily, radar is used in all aspects as a ranging device. It is extremely accurate in determining distances in navigation systems, fire control systems and tracking devi
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The art, science and technology of obtaining reliable information about physical objects and the environment through processes of recording, measuring and interpreting photogr

Historical development of analytical and digital photogrammetry?

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