What are the apps that come with the iPhone 5c?

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iPhone 5s comes pre-installed with the several apps. These apps are Maps, Messages, Passbook, Camera, Reminders, Notes, Phone, Videos, Weather, FaceTime, iTunes Store, Stocks, Music, Game Center, Calculator, Safari, Calendar, Voice Memos, App Store, Contacts, Mail, and Newsstand. The rest of the apps you need to download off of the App Store.
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What apps does the iPhone come with?

The Iphone 3G comes with general apps such as:. Calculator . Clock . Maps . YouTube . Calendar . Weather . App Store . Stocks . Notes . Safari (internet) . as well

What are the original iPhone apps that come with the phone?

I assume by apps you mean programs preloaded. The way you would tell that is get an iPhone that has no apps and look at the icons. Those icons are: calendar, photos, camera, Y

What apps does the iPhone 3gs come with?

Messages, Calendar, Photos, Camera, YouTube, Stocks, Maps, Weather, Voice Memos, Notes, Clock, Calculator, Settings, iTunes Store, App Store, Compass, Contacts.

What apps come with an iPhone 4?

the usual apps that come with an iphone or an iphone 4 are: ~Phone ~Calendar ~App Store ~Photos ~YouTube ~and much more hope this helped:\

When is iPhone 5c coming out?

Apple started accepting pre-orders for the iPhone 5C on 13 September 2013, and will be released in stores on 20 September 2013.
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How do you get your iPhone 5c to ring not vibrate?

First go to your Settings. Open the Sound tab. At the "Ringer andAlerts" section turn the volume up. If you want to vibrate and ringthen turn on the "Vibrate on Ring". If you