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What are the basic elements of HTML document?

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What is HTML document?

An HTML (Hyper Text Markup Language) document is basically a web page. It can be opened in either a text editor or a web browser. In a text editor, the HTML code can be edited

BASIC element of dynamic HTML?

Dynamic HTML is a combination of HTML tags and interactive web  pages. Its basic elements include: an object-oriented view of web  elements, cascading style sheets and dynam

What are the required elements for a simple HTML documents?

The basic requirements to use HTML are: 1. A Web browser like Mozilla or Internet Explorer that you can use to view your HTML pages 2. A text editor like notepad, textpad or e

What is the basic structure of an HTML document?

The basic structure of HTML includes tags, attributes and elements. According to the W3C, all X/HTML documents must contain: A doctype declaration, to tell the browser what v

What are the main elements of HTML documents?

The main elements of an HTML document are the HTML element, the HEAD element, and the BODY element. To pass the W3C specifications, you also need to have the TITLE element.