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What are the benefits of electronic records keeping?

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easier transition to an electronic record keeping application
quicker easier retrieval of information
reduction of space requirements to stage
reduction of paper record holdings
reduction of paper record holdings quicker and easier retrieval of information easier transition to an electronic record keeping application reduction of space required to stage paper records
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What are the benefits of keeping proper accounting records?

Staying on top of paperwork can prove to be a headache for some business people who would prefer to concentrate on keeping their business running. However, keeping good accoun

What are the day-to-day electronic records keeping responsibilities of the Records Custodian RC?

assist personnel with understanding electronic filing requirements delete records according to disposition instructions establish the files maintenance & disposition plan t

What are the primary Electronic Records Keeping responsibilities of the Functional Area Records Manager FARM?

coordinating ERM activities with the Base Records Managers Assisting records custodians in understanding ERM principles and applications reviewing ERM progress during SAVs

Disadvantage of electronic keeping of records?

As the Honorable Judge Marilyn Milian has said "Say it, forget it. Post it, regret it." Once things are stored online, they can invariably be seen by any who have access to th

How long do you keep paper medical record after it is scanned into an electronic medical record?

There are usually state laws governing the keeping of medical records. They usually require the doctor to be able to provide copies of records and keep the original file for a
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Do hospitals keep electronic medical records?

Yes. Most hospitals have converted over to computer filing systems because of a recent law recognizing the problems patients were having trying to find their paper file record
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What are the benefits of electronic health records versus paper?

There are a lot of benefits of having an electronic health records solution versus paper based system, some of them are mentioned as following. 1. improves accuracy of docu