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In terms of financial benefits, a distinction is usually made between those in public schools and those in private schools. Surprisingly, private school teacher salary and benefits are often lower than public.

Naturally, all teachers get salaries. Most also get health insurance, but the school district, or the private school, will offer different plans in that regard; some may be wholly paid by the district or the scool, and some may require contribution by the teacher.

There is usual a retirement plan of some sort. It may be fully paid by the school or the school district, or a matching plan whereby the school or district matches a portion of the teacher's contribution.

A long summer vacation is a decided benefit. If there is summer school, a teacher may be given the chance to also teach then and earn additional income. In that same regard, teachers usually get about the same periods of time off as the students during the school year, such as Winer and Spring break.
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