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In Europe
The biggest harbour in Europe by area is Cork In Ireland
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What is the biggest festival in Europe?

the biggest festival up to date was love parade, in Germany with a record of 1,600,000 people assisting in 2008 but after tragic incident in 2010 it has been canceled for the future.

Whats the biggest country in Europe?

European Russia is larger than any other European country, even larger then Denmark (including its territories) Russia is the largest country in Europe. However, the largest country wholly within Europe would be the Ukraine.The largest country in Europe is Russia, with a total area of about 17,000,000 km 2 ; European Russia is about 4,000,000 km 2 . The largest country wholly in Europe is the Ukraine, whose area is about 600,000 km 2 .

What is the biggest river in Europe?

The Volga River is the longest river in Europe. It is located in Russia. However, since it is in Russia, it is a controversial country, meaning should it really count as part of Europe? So another answer would be the Danube River, which spans many countries.

What is the biggest sea in Europe?

The Mediterranean-though it is shared with parts of Asia and Africa. The largest sea entirely in Europe would be the North Sea.

What is the biggest ship in Pearl Harbor?

The West Virginia 32,600 was the biggest ship in Pearl Harbor. Italso was the biggest ship that sunk on that fateful day.

What is the biggest lake in western Europe?

Lake Geneva is the biggest lake in western Europe. It is astaggering 133.32 square miles long and 507 feet deep.

What is the biggest city in Britain and Europe?

London is the biggest city in Britain with around 8 million people and Moscow is the biggest in Europe with about 12 million.

What is the second biggest country in Europe?

If you include the European portion of Russia, the second largest country in Europe is France, by area. If you only include parts in Europe however, then Ukraine is second by area. By population, the second largest country would be Germany (83,000,000) second to Russia (140,000,000 total; 110,000,000 in Europe) If you do not include European Russia, then Ukraine is second (France would be first including integral parts not located in Europe). If only parts in Europe are included, then France is second by area. By population, the second largest country would be France (65,000,000 total; 63,000,000 in Europe) second to Germany (83,000,000)

Which is the biggest train station in Europe?

Paris-Gare du Nord is the busiest train station in Europe, while Leipzig HBF is the largest train station in floor area (actually the world's biggest).

What are the ten biggest cities in Europe?

1. Moscow 2. London 3. St. Petersburg 4. Berlin 5. Madrid 6. Rome 7. Kiev 8. Paris 9. Bucharest 10. Budapest

What are the ten biggest countries in Europe?

Order of territories in Europe: . Russia . Ukraine . France . Spain . Sweden . Germany . Finland . Norway . Poland . Italy Order of partly European countries' total area, including non-European territories: . Russia . Norway with Antarctic territories . Kazakhstan . Denmark with Grønland . United Kingdom with overseas territories . Turkey . France with overseas territories . Ukraine . Spain . Sweden

What is the biggest theme park in Europe?

The Disney theme park in Paris is the largest the new part inEurope. LEGOLAND, in Copenhagen, Denmark, is the second largesttheme park.

What country has the biggest population in Europe?

Russia (the European portion of Russia holds around 110,000,000). Germany has the second largest, around 83,000,000.

What is the biggest building in Europe?

Largest brick building in Europe is Battersea Power Station in London, UK. The Shard in London, UK at 309.6 Metres tall. It was completed on the 30th March 2012 and opened on the 5th of July 2012

Where is the biggest harbor in the world?

The largest artificially created harbor is in Rotterdam, Netherlands. Various places lay claim to the largest natural harbour, including Poole (UK), Cork (Ireland) and Halifax (Canada).

What is the third biggest country in Europe?

well fairly it is germany .OK if you read this youre homosexual for your info

What is the biggest park in Europe?

The biggest walled park in Europe is the Phoenix Park in Dublin, Ireland. It is about 1760 acres.

What is the biggest plain in Europe?

The Russian Plain is the largest area that is mountain free inEurope. It ranges from eastern Poland to the Ural Mountains andincludes all of the Balkan countries.

What is the biggest truck stop in Europe?

Autohof Strohofer in Munich, Germany is the largest truck stop inEurope. The truck stop offers jogging trails, and holds concerts onthe weekends.

What is Europe biggest river?

the thames. No, definitely not the Thames, which is not even the longest river in Britain. The Volga is the longest river in the whole of Europe, the Danube is the longest in western Europe.

In 1914 what was the biggest country in Europe?

Though its borders were far flung throughout the Eurasian landmass, the largest country within Europe, even with its European territories alone, was the Russian Empire.

Biggests countries in Europe?

Russia, Ukraine, France, Spain, Sweden, Germany, Finland, Norway, Poland and Italy in descending order, all over 300000 km 2 United Kingdom, Romania, Belarus, Greece, Bulgaria and Iceland are countries 100000 km 2 - 250000 km 2 Russia, Turkey and Kazachstan are big countries in Europe with the larger part in Asia Grønland (Greenland) belonging to Denmark is 2,1 million km 2 but located in America

What is the biggest holiday resort in Europe?

By area and tourist population, Benidorm by quite some margin. Theresident population is about 65,000. Include the tourists duringJuly/August and at any one time the population will have risen toover 500,000! The second largest is Playa del Ingles on GranCanaria. I had got lucky enough to visit Benidrom once which is known to bethe biggest resort in Europe. I arranged the trip through TridentNet Holidays who give best holiday deals and had a fun experience.

Which is New Zealands biggest harbor?

The Kaipara Harbour, on the west coast north of Auckland, is New Zealand's largest harbour and one of the largest in the Southern hemisphere. Harbours in New Zealand include: (These are not all the ports as some are seaports) . Waitemata 180km 2 . Manukau 390km 2 . Tauranga 200km 2 . Wellington 70km 2 . Queen Charlotte Sound ?km 2 . Greymouth ?km 2 . Lyttelton ?km 2 . Onehunga ?km 2 . Otago ?km 2 . Tarakohe ?km 2 . Timaru ?km 2 . Whangarei ?km 2 .

Is Bolton the biggest city in Europe?

No. Bolton is a very small city. There are many cities in Europe that are much larger that it. It is not even the largest city in England. Bolton isn't actually a city, it's a town, however I'm pretty sure that it is the largest town in Europe. The largest city in Europe is Moscow.

Which country is one of the biggest in Europe?

The largest country in Europe is Russia whose area totals to 17,098,242 km 2 . However, only part of this country lies within Europe completely, which is about 4,000,000 km 2 . The largest country wholly in Europe is the Ukraine, whose area is 603,628 km 2 .

Who are the biggest football clubs in Europe?

FC Barcelona (Spain), Real Madrid CF (Spain), Manchester United FC (England) in terms of popularity and money. FC Barcelona, Real Madrid and Inter Milan (Italy) in terms of skill and talent.

Biggest banana producer in Europe?

No country in Europe produces a significant amount of bananas. Some may be grown in specialised greenhouses.

What are the five biggest mountains in Europe?

The biggest and tallest mountains in Europe are as follows, 1. Elbrus 5.633 in Russia 2. Rustiveli 5.201 in Russia 3. Dykh-Tau 5.198 in Russia 4. Agri Dagi (Mt Ararat) 5.137 in Turkey 5. B y kagri 5.123 in Turkey

Which school is the biggest in Europe?

the biggest school in europe is called nottingham academy in england and i go to that school it is very big is is 3-18 year old my name is subhaan

What is the biggest animal in europe?

The biggest animal known in europe was the european brown bear. European brown bears are slightly bigger than american grizzly bears by 10 pounds and 5 inches taller and longer.

Who is biggest population Europe or Asia?

Asia is the biggest in population because there are more resources as compare to Europe.

Which biggest country Europe?

The largest territory in Europe belongs to Russia. The largest completely European country is Ukraine. The largest country in the European Union is France.

What are the biggest airports in Europe by Area?

London Heathrow Ans 2 - The biggest airport in Europe is Charles De Gaulle/ Paris, France followed by Frankfurt, Germany. Third is Schipol/ Amsterdam, Holland. London Heathrow is fourth largest in Europe.

WHAT is the biggest dam in Europe?

the Alqueva dam located on the Guadian river in the Alentejo region is the biggest dam in Europe.

Is Europe the biggest continent?

No. It is the smallest, when considered as separate from Eurasia. Asia is the biggest of the seven classic continents.

Which country has the biggest export in europe?

Germany has the second largest net exporting in the world. However, the Netherlands exports more per capita.

Is it biggest in Europe?

Your question is unclear. Please rephrase it, so we can get a full understanding. You could be talking about population, area, number of countries, etc.

What is the biggest girls school in Europe?

Well I know for sure Swanshurst School in Birmingham is one of them, but I'm not sure about any others? Hope this helped

Is Asia the biggest country in Europe?

Asia is neither a country nor in Europe. Asia is Earth's biggest continent. Russia is Europe's largest country.

What is biggest carnivore in Europe?

The Brown Bear is the largest carnivorous animal in Europe, although Polar Bears are found in European Arctic Islands.

What are six biggest cities in Europe?

1. Moscow, Russia (11,503,501) 2. Istanbul, Turkey (8,803,468) 3. London, United Kingdom (7,825,200) 4. Saint Petersburg, Russia (4,879,566) 5. Berlin, Germany (3,490,455) 6. Madrid, Spain (3,273,049)

What is Europe biggest trading partner?

Europe does a a lot of internal trading within countries. However, other trading partners include the Americas, East Asia, and the Middle East.

What is Europe biggest land?

Russia. the worlds biggest country. the part of Russia that is in Europe is larger than any other country in Europe anyway.

Which is the biggest stadium in Europe?

Camp Nou, located in Madrid, Spain, is the largest stadium in Europe. It can occupy nearly 100,000 people. It is also the 11th largest stadium in the world.

What country is the biggest and smallest in Europe?

Russia is the largest country in Europe, however, it is transcontinental. The largest country wholly in Europe would be the Ukraine. Vatican City is the smallest country in Europe.

Which are the 10 biggest countries in Europe?

The 10 largest countries in Europe are... . Russia . Kazakhstan . Turkey . France . Ukraine . Spain . Sweden . Germany . Finland . Norway This list includes countries that are partially in Europe. The following list contains countries only fully in Europe: . Ukraine . France . Spain . Sweden . Germany . Finland . Norway . Poland . Italy . United Kingdom

What are the biggest holiday destinations in Europe?

For holiday trips, popular destinations are virtually the same asyear round destinations. Some of the most visited cities are Paris,London, Berlin, Madrid, Rome, and Moscow. It depends on what you want to see, your budget and yourpreferences. If you want to spend your days on amazing beaches, the islands ofMenorca and Sardinia are the best spots in Europe. If you are passionate about culture and history, Rome, Vienna,Barcelona are a must.

Which are the biggest energy providers in Europe?

The biggest energy providers in Europe are E.ON (located in Germany) and GDF Suez (located in France). Additionally Total in France should be mentioned in this context.

What is the 5 biggest country in Europe?

The five largest European countries by area are... . Russia * . Kazakhstan * . Turkey * . France . Ukraine The five largest European countries by population are... . Russia * . Germany . Turkey * . France . United Kingdom * These countries straddle the border between Europe and Asia.