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What is a body?

A solid structure that has bones and flesh.Also they have musclesso that you can move and bend.

What can your body do?

Your body can do all sorts of amazing things! The different parts of your body - both the outside parts and the inside parts, each have different functions. These parts are li (MORE)

Where is his body?

Hitlers body was cremeted in a pit outside of what is now apartments in berlin, ontop of the Berlin bunker.

What is homeostasis in the body what does it do for your body?

Homeostasis is another word for stable. for the body, it doesn't really help the body, it's a state your body can be in. being in this state helps you because you are calm and (MORE)

What do body cells do in your body?

As cells are known as the basic functional,structural and fundamental units of a living organism,it,likewise carry out the important functions in a living body. Cells are also (MORE)