What are the causes of sore eyes?

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irritants (dust, make up, allergens, smoke, etc.)
conjunctivitis (pink eye)
eye strain from prolonged reading, computer use
dry eyes
crying Lack of sleep and headaches can also cause eyes to feel sore. Quite often a warm or cool compress (wet cloth) placed over the eyes for a few minutes can help alleviate the soreness.
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What causes sores on the tongue with a sore throat?

Answer \n. \nIt could be something that you ate, or you could have strep throat. Go to your doctor to be sure.\n. \nAnswer\n. \ncauses of tongue sore is painful white or yellow ulcer surrounded by a bright red/white area.

What causes canker sores?

The exact cause of canker sores is unknown. It is known that canker sores are not contagious like cold sores. some of the speculated causes are: . sugar or citrus juices . citric acid from sources like Starburst, Skittles, juice boxes, certain sodas, and even wine coolers . stress . genetics . (MORE)

Can allergies cause sore gums?

Allergic reactions or allergies can impact any part of the body. Sore, reddened gums can be commonplace with allergies. A prescription of Miracle Mouth can soothe and improve symptoms.

Bacteria that causes sore eyes?

Bacterial conjunctivitis causes sore eyes. The redness of the eyesgoes together with swelling of the eyelid. Anesthetic eye drops canbe used to relieve the pain.

What causes your breasts to be sore?

The correct spelling is breast, and if they are sore its probably cause you are building muscle or have an unusually high amount of testosterone in your body. . Some times when u had sex.

Sore red eyes?

Sore red eyes occur when the vessels in the eyes become irritatedor swollen. Some remedies include total rest, cool compresses overthe eyes and over-the-counter eye drops.

What causes soreness of epydidimis?

The main concern if you have soreness and pain in the epididymis isthat it could be related to an enlarged prostate. This pain couldalso be caused by an infection in your system.

Causes of muscle soreness?

Muscle soreness can be caused by several things including heavyweight lifting or vigorous exercise. Stress, minor injuries, andtension are common causes of sore muscles.

Prevention of of sore eyes?

A sore eye is not transmitted through air or in direct contact in eyes of the person has it. So the better thing you must do is to wash your hands regularly or before touching your eyes.

Is saltwater pools sore on your eyes?

True salt water pools have the same parts per million (ppm) as sea water which is roughly 35,000 ppm. We have a salt taste threshold of around 3,500 ppm and our eyes have about 7,000ppm. Most chlorine generators require a salt content of 3,000-5,000 ppm in the pool. You will feel the salt in a true (MORE)

Can you get a cold sore in your eye?

i have had a cold sore in my eye since i were 2 years it comes up every now and again . i do regualy take cold sore tablets from the doctor to get rid of it.. so i say yes you can get cold sores in your eyes .

What is the treatment for sore eyes?

Go to the doctor to ask what you should do; schedule an appointment. The human eye is a very delicate thing, and you shouldn't treat it with anything you're unsure about.

How do you heal a dogs sore eye?

2nd Answer: You need to take your dog in to be checked out by a Veterinarian. Your dog could have an infection in the eye or a foxtail or other foreign object in his eye, or a genetic fault of the eye called entropion where the lower eyelashes rub against the eye. etc. Only a Vet can check the eye (MORE)

Your a site for sore eyes?

Are you asking what "your a sight for sore eyes" means, well, it means that the person/thing you are talking to looks horrible oramazing You see a big chocolate bar with a note that says it is to you, that's a sight for sore eyes. Or if the person you are talking to has a really cool outfit on, you (MORE)

What causes Sore leg muscles twitching right thumb and left leg twitching eyes?

Sore leg---> If you excercised or worked your leg harder than usual, it could be because of a lactic acid build up in your muscle. When you excercise, there is not enough oxygen for the cells in your leg (using this as an example). Because there is not enough oygen for those cells to undergo aerobic (MORE)

How do you sooth sore eyes from chlorine?

Ok this doesn't cure sore eyes but if your in the shower get a towel and wet it then close your eyes and lightly rub the lids. it may feel sore when you wipe your face with a towel so press the towel lightly on your eyes

How do you know you have eye cold sores?

Typical eye herpes, which may have signs the same as other eye conditions, may include irritation, pain, and swelling around the eyes, blurry vision, tearing, recurrent eye infections, irritation, foreign body sensation, eye redness, eye sores, watery discharge, and sensitivity to light.

What is the best remedy for sore eyes?

it depends in what way they are sore. Try resting them i.e. no watching tv, reading or computer for long periods of time. Get lots of sleep. If they are infected (puss or gungy) then try dissolving some salt in boiled water, let it cool slightly and then bathe your eyes with cotton wool soaked in th (MORE)

Can allergies cause sore throats?

Yes; allergies can cause sore throats. However, viruses and bacterial infections are more likely the cause. Allergies most often cause throat constriction and trouble breathing.

How do you help kittens with sore eyes?

Take it to the vet. Never try and treat a cat yourself. The vet can prescribe treatment and medicine such as eye drops which will be safe to use on your cat.

How long can you suffer sore eyes?

Well It Depends It Could Be An INFECTION I Will Recommend Visiting Your Local Doctors About It I Wouldn't Just Think I Could Live With It!

Can canker sores cause migraines?

Well I get canker sores all the time and anything that annoying will definitely cause a migraine. Well I have never gotten a migraine from one but I have had headaches from them. But depending on the severity of your canker sores may depend on how bad of a headache you will get.

Do contact lenses cause pain or sore eyes?

They can if when putting them in, you get lint on the contact lens. If you do get lint on them, just relax, take them out, put them back into the solution, and try again. After wearing them for a long time, your eyes can get dry and sore. But for me, my contacts don't cause me that much pain. It's d (MORE)

What can cause cold sores to reexpress?

One of the most common triggers is UV exposure, so sun protection is a great way to reduce the risk of outbreaks. In addition, getting enough rest and good nutrition, and managing stress, help protect the immune system. When the immune system is working well, it can do a better job of keeping the he (MORE)

What causes a cold sore on your face?

Cold Sores are normally caused by the Herpes simplex virus type 1 (HSV-1) through close contact with someone who has a cold sore. Sometimes cold sores are caused by herpes virus type 2 (HSV-2) as a result of having oral sex with someone who has genital herpes. You can't catch cold sores from cups, (MORE)

What causes sore and itching of viginal?

Usually thrush, but it can be a symptom of a sexually transmitted disease, it's always advisable to go to you GP or sexual health clinic to get checked out and DO NOT HAVE SEXUAL INTERCOURSE unless using a condom or you are risking infecting your partner too.

What causes a cold sore on the eye?

Cold sores are caused by a virus called oral herpes. They can occur any where on or around the mouth and on the face. They commonly occur on the lips or around the mouth. Cold sores are often passed by being innocently kissed by some one that has cold sores. It's possible that some one may have kiss (MORE)

What viruses cause sore throats?

There are several viral causes of flu, including coxsackie, and glandular fever. Related Information: There are a lot of causes for sore throats, not just viruses. There are several bacterial causes, e.g. streptococcal, corynebacterial; some fungal causes, e.g. candida, or even acid refluxed f (MORE)

Can sunburn cause cold sores?

Getting a sun burn doesn't cause a cold sores but it can trigger break outs. The oral herpes virus is what causes cold sores.

How do you treat a sore eye?

I would suggest getting a washcloth with warm watter on it and set it on the eye. Usually sore eyes happen if you have something in your eye or if you have a sty if u do have a sty its a big bump that looks like a zit but DONT pop it many stores have over the counter medicine Answer If you ha (MORE)

Can Vicodin cause cold sores?

It's not supposed to. If you abuse it or over use vicodin then that can lower your immune system which can trigger a cold sore to break out.

A bacteria causes your throat to be sore?

Yes, bacterial infections by mesophilic pathogens can cause the symptom of a sore throat. For example, one infamous bacteria for this is Streptococcus pyogenes which causes strep throat.

How does a cat get sore eye?

Cats can get sore eyes in many different ways. The cat could have an upper respiratory virus, a scratched eyeball, a foxtail or other foreign object in its eye, under the "nictating" eyelid (the inner eyelid) which only a Veterinarian can properly remove the object from under the eyelid. The best th (MORE)

What are some remedies for sore eyes?

Are your eyes sore? Looking for some home remedies? Well there are a lot of them out there you can try. One remedy is wiping your eyes with chamomile.