What are the causes of the second Anglo- Maratha war?

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In 1798 Lord Wellesley after his arrival to India wanted Marathas to sign the Subsidiary Alliance Systen but they refused to do this. In 1802 Baji Rao II killed Bithuji Holkar, the younger brother of Jaswant Rao Holkar. At this Jaswant Rao Holkar attacked on Baji Rao II who was in Pune at that time. Holkar captured Pune but Baji Rao managed to escape from there and he made a treaty with Lord Wellesley known as " The Treaty of Basain (1802)". This national humiliation was too much for maratha chiefs and they said that they would not surrender the great tradition of independence without struggle. Thus they declared war against the British Company but they were defeated by the company and later on they all signed on Subsidiary Alliance System with Wellesley.
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What caused the First Anglo-Powhatan war?

Answer . The First Anglo-Powhatan War was the result of Lord de la Warr's orders to George Percy on August 9, 1610. Percy and seventy men went to the capital town of Paspahegh where the English killed or injured fifity or more people and captured a wife of Wowinchopunch, the weroance, and her chi (MORE)

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What was the conflict that caused the second world war?

It's a long story.... But primarily the 2nd world war was a direct result of the 1st world war. However its not quite as simple as that & WW2 was a far greater, more global conflict & much more devastating, particularly to the civillian populations. Much of the international rivalry in the world war (MORE)

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What caused the first anglo-maratha war?

The British Government wanted to establish the Dual system in Maharashtra also as they had set up in Bengal. The mutual differences of Marathas gave British a chance to interfere. In 1772 the fourth peshwa Madhav Rao died and he was succeded by Narain Rao but he was murdered by Raghunath Rao (R (MORE)

What caused the second punic war?

Hannibal started the second Punic war by invading the town of Stagnating north of the river Iver to purposefully provoke the Roman.

Who were the Marathas?

Marathas are a blend of the Worrior and Agrarian classes,speaking Marathi and generally having their roots in Maharashtra.

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What was the cause of the Anglo-boer war?

Some of the causes of the Anglo-Boer War were the discovery of goldin Transvaal, the dynamite tax and proposed railroad construction,Boer resistance to Britain's goal of colonial control, and the conflicting political ideologies of imperialism andrepublicanism.

Which of the following was not an origin or cause of the Anglo-Boer war?

These are causes and origins of it . Discovery of the Witwatersrand gold reef led British capitalists to desire a war for control of the mines; . Uitlander grievances of suppressed rights and taxes fed the flames; . Boer actions of the dynamite tax and proposed rail road construction were furth (MORE)

What is the Cause and effect of the second opium war in china?

Causes Originally, the Chinese had been very reluctant to go along with the demands of the treaties of 1842-1844. The end of the First Opium War resolved very little for the Chinese, if anything. Illegal opium trade only continued to grow, and with the Chinese proven inferior in warfare, there wa (MORE)

What were the causes of the second boer war?

Hey, I'm currently doing the Scramble for Africa at AS too and I've been asked to discuss causes for the Second Boer War of 1899. There are many reasons: Economic value of the Transvaal where there were diamonds and gold Strategic: Protect the Cape Route by reducing threat of Boers gaining Bechuanal (MORE)

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The underlying cause was that the First Punic War had not resolved the rivalry between Carthage and Rome in the Western Mediterranean. The ultimate cause was the Carthaginean invasion of Italy.

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What caused Third Anglo Mysore war?

In 1788 the company gained control of the Circar of Guntur, the southernmost of the Northern Circars, which the company had acquired under earlier agreements with the Nizam. In exchange, the company provided the Nizam with two battalions of company troops. Both of these acts placed British troops cl (MORE)

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About the cause of the Civil War, during his Second Inaugural Address, Lincoln said QUOTE One eight of the whole population were colored slaves, not distributed generally over the Union, but localized in the Southern part of it. These slaves constituted peculiar and powerful interest. All knew that (MORE)

What were the causes for the second world war?

the main reason for the war is that issues of ww1 had not been settled to the satisfaction in Germany in particularly. Germany as we know was to blamed for, for the outbreak of ww1 ,yet she felt that she was unjustly punished and refuse to co-operate with the new rules. Once more the agressor on the (MORE)

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What caused the second ancient Cantabrian War?

The Cantabrian Wars or Cantabrian and Asturian Wars ((29-19 BC)were a rebellion by the Cantabri and Astures of north-westernHispania, the last independent peoples in Hispania, against Romanencroachment. The Astures joined the Cantabri in a common defencewhen three Roman legions were stationed near t (MORE)

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What significant issue gave cause to the Second Punic War?

In 237 BCE Rome took the excuse of a revolt by mercenaries to seizecontrol of Corsica and Sardinia in breach of the treaty which endedthe First Punic War with Carthage. Carthage began to conquer Spain over the next seven years, butsigned a treaty with Rome in 226 BCE not to go north of the EbroRiver (MORE)

What were the causes and outcomes (results) of the First Punic War and of the Second Punic War?

The First Punic War arose from Rome's ambition to expand beyond theItalian peninsula into Sicily, where Carthage was trying to imposecontrol. The two had been allies until this confrontation. Rome wonthe war and imposed heavy financial penalties on Carthage, andgained control of The Second Punic War (MORE)