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What are the characteristics of the natural disaster of tsunamis?

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Where and when do tsunami natural disasters occur?

I know you can get this anywhere, but tsunamis occur when a violent eruption in the crust ( aka. an earthquake ) moves water in a huge burst of energy and moves the water. The

What is a natural disaster?

It is a disaster that wasn't caused by mankind. It is a disaster  caused naturally, like a major hurricane, a tsunami, an earthquake,  a volcano eruption, a flood etc.  

Why are earthquakes tsunamis and landslides grouped as natural disasters?

Because the earth, or nature, is causing them. Humans have nothing to do with it. Earthquakes are caused by the earth's plates moving, and tsunamis are caused usually by earth

Why is a natural disaster called a natural disaster?

A natural disaster is called a natural disaster because it is natural; man has no control over it's power. All of the hurricanes, tsunamis, cyclones, earthquakes, floods and a

What is natural disasters?

Disasters that are caused by nature, not man... Earthquakes, tornadoes, hurricanes, tsunamis, volcano eruptions, floods, wildfires, etc.

Why is a tsunami a natural disaster?

A tsunami is a natural occurrence often cause by an earthquake under the ocean or a volcanic explosion. When one comes ashore where people live it is usually a disaster as it

Why do you have natural disasters?

We live on a dynamic planet. Everything is is motion. The air moves causing winds, the sea moves causing tides and floods, the rocks move causing earthquakes. A natural di

What are the characteristics of a natural disaster?

Natural disasters can take on one of two defining characteristics in terms of their lifespan: they can either be rapid-onset hazards, or slow-onset hazards. The former refers