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What are the characteristics of the natural disaster of tsunamis?

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Is a Tsunami a natural disaster?

Yes, a Tsunami is a cataclysmic natural disaster. also, Catastrophic - those suffering People -

Why is a tsunami a natural disaster?

A tsunami is a natural occurrence often cause by an earthquake under the ocean or a volcanic explosion. When one comes ashore where people live it is usually a disaster as it

What are the characteristics of a natural disaster?

Natural disasters can take on one of two defining characteristics in terms of their lifespan: they can either be rapid-onset hazards , or slow-onset hazards. The former refer

Where and when do tsunami natural disasters occur?

I know you can get this anywhere, but tsunamis occur when a violent eruption in the crust ( aka. an earthquake ) moves water in a huge burst of energy and moves the water. The

Where does the natural disaster tsunami happen?

Tsunamis happen in coastal areas. The tsunami is a huge wavegenerated by an under-sea earthquake. The quake pushes a piece ofthe earth upwards, which triggers a deep wave to f