What are the characteristics of water with symbolic and creative significance on human life and culture?

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Water is inclusive of such characteristics and nature as are capable of building the character of a human. If the human being can best imbibe and emulate the nature of water in his or her own character, consequently, he or she gets ready for the realization of the meaning of life and its purpose. The following are the discernible characteristics or qualities of water which can be pursued by any person on his or her way of realizing the meaning and spiritual objective of life:-

1. "Water is self-abstergent or self-purifier; similarly a human should have the quality of self-abstergence.
2. Water maintains its evenness; therefore, it is the symbol of mobility for equanimity and that is a followable trait for every human being.
3. Water is self-flowing towards the boundless ocean, the vast state of its own existential origin. Man has to run to meet the boundless ocean of consciousness.
4. Water is formless or shapeless, penetrative and infinitely supple but unfathomably strong; a human being too should endeavour to have such characteristics.
5. Water is transparent; and man's heart should be trasparent.
6. Water is colourless; similarly the human mind should be free from the colours of wrong opinions.
7. Water is odourless.; and the mind should be free from foul odours.
8. Water can stay in three states indicating to the flexibility of its own existence.
Water quenches thirst for it carries the contents of life in all living beings; therefore, water is called life." (Ref. Sailen Debnath, The Meanings of Hindu Gods, Goddesses and Myths, ISBN 9788129114815, Rupa & Co., New Dehi)
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The are 7 human characteristics the easy way to remember them is to call them Mrs Gren because: . Movement . Respiration . Sensitivity . Growth . Reproduction . Extermination . Nutrition

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Culture; A group of people who share similar beliefs in; religion, customs, language, and general location (Location isn't a hard and fast rule but its pretty important). Sources: History class --I left the original answer below because this question may be referring to something else. S (MORE)

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How does water pollution effect human life?

when a fish eats a harmful chemical or pollutant and we eat the fish, the chemical or pollutant will be passed onto us, allowing disease or death well as that may be right i would like to improve that answer and say that Amy is a legend

What does water symbolize in the Chinese culture?

In Chinese fung shui, water is meant to help the flow balance, harmony and prosperity into one's life. The water should be flowing and not stagnant. For this reason, many Chinese will have a little water garden, pond, or even a small water ornamental feature inside their home or office.

What is human characteristics?

The pattern that people make on the surface of the Earth, such as cities, roads, canals, farms and other ways people change the Earth. (answer is from: instech.tusd.k12.az.us/Core/glossary/ssglossary.doc )

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..culture is learned.. ..culture is transmitted orally and by writing.. ..culture is shared.. ..culture is patterned and integrated.. ..culture is adaptive and maladapive.. ..culture is compulsory.. and ..culture is essential for social life..

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a culture's characteristics are a collection of seeming norms offavored human activities. Their culture could be characterized byhistorical facts, evoluionary events, or even climaticconditions.These factors affect everything from the type of foodthey favor most, to the evelution (or not)of the musi (MORE)

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Cultural characteristics are the uniform aspects of a culture that help to identify the persons of that culture. These aspects can be race, ethnicity, language, and values.

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Culture is an adaptive mechanism which is learned through theenvironment we live in. The characteristics of the culture of earlyhumans was the things they learnt for their survival such ashunting skills, use of fire , making of clothes using animal skin,migration to colder regions, agriculture and c (MORE)

Article Life of human without fresh water?

LIFE WITHOUT FRESH WATER All living things on Earth need fresh water in order to survive But human beings become ill and may even die if they cannot get pure or clean and are forced to drink polluted water. Human beings can only last 3 day without fresh water. People died of thirst after (MORE)

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A people are characterized by a collection of seeming norms of favored human activities. Their culture could be characterized by historical facts, evolutionary events, or even climatic conditions. These factors affect everything from the type of food they favor most, to the evolution (or not) of the (MORE)

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Well for starters, our clean water supply is decreasing dramatically, and if we want clean water, we are having to pay more and more to have big machines purify it. Also, when certain pollutants mix, they become extremely dangerous, possibly to plants and animals. Without these plants (like crops) a (MORE)

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The significance of humanities is to learn about human nature andculture. This is done through the study of arts, literature,philosophy, religion, language, music, and sciences.

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How does water affect human life?

Water affects human life in many ways. Specifically, a lack ofclean water leads to disease and death. Ultimately, the ability toget fresh, clean water is vital to supporting the life of humanbeings.

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When we listen about the word " humanities ". The idea comes in our mind is about the human being, his nature, his choices, human philosophies, human conditions, human ideas of life etc. The term " humanities " comes from the Latin word "humanus" which means "human, cultured and refined."That's what (MORE)

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hi .. . there is alot of carbon popution in the air.this is caused from factorys,cars,electricity Ect. . . . trees breathe in all this and it comes out as oxygen. . ig there was no tree's,causing no oxygen humans and animals would not gbe able to survive. . i hope this answer was what you were l (MORE)

What animal symbolizes creativity?

A hawk represents creativity, as well as illumination, and seeingthe bigger picture. A hawk also represents being observant,nobility, new life, wisdom, and courage.

How can water endanger human life?

Water can enter into a human's body through the nose and mouth, get breathed into the lungs, the result of which is called 'drowning'. The human often dies from drowning.

Human Life expectancy without food and water?

The life expectancy of a human who has no food or water will dependon their age at the time. A human can live as long as 7 to 10 dayswithout water and up to three weeks without food. My brother is in a hospice and he can't eat are drink water because he is unconscious. I want to know how long he can (MORE)

What are the effects on human life does water pollution have on us?

Water pollution effects human life in many ways, however, one is so much more vicious and parental than the rest. Water is a particle carrier and so all water contains something and when water is polluted it carries more bad things for humans. Humans are born consisting of 97% holo water or st (MORE)

Is water alive according to the characteristics of life?

According to the 7 characteristics of life. . . Sensitivity and reactivity to the environment and Capacity for adaptation: Yes Ingestion of substance for energy: No Reproduction: Yes Respiration: No Emission of wastes: No Internal Movement: Yes Cellular Structure: No Given that water is only 3/7 (MORE)

Why ground water important to human life?

Because ground water is a great source of good quality water used for drinking and irrigation worldwide. It is the future source of a clean water supply for future generations of people.

What are the characteristics of a creative child?

If a child thinks of the thing which is extremely uncreative to make it creative, he is a creative child. For eg- If he can think to make something out of a stone (which is uncreative to others) like a sculptor etc. he or she is creative.

What does creativity symbolize?

Creativity symbolizes imagination and a good sense of feeling when it comes to solving problems or puzzles of the 3d kind. It means that a person is well rounded and can do many things at once. Simply, creativity symbolizes a great mind. :)

How important is water in human life?

water is imp as it helps us to survive .without water there will be no oceans seas ponds etc.it is used for many reasons like agriculture drinking bathing etc.

What is a characteristic of creativity?

In science and technology, the ability to see a problem that no one has previously identified, and the application to attempt a solution. In Art, the ability to produce a new expression in the subject area.

What characteristics would a creative director have?

A creative director needs to understand a client's needs or plan, and then translate those into design ideas. The creative director needs initiative, creative thinking, and the ability to work with lots of people. He or she also needs to have a good grasp of the technicalities of lots of fields.

How does water affect all aspects human life?

If the fresh water will polluted (like water in rivers) than this water go into oceans and then oceans will get polluted and this polluted water will evaporated and than we will get polluted rain. So this is a harmful affect.

Was the Islamic empire culturally creative?

NO IT WAS NOT. Islam is, and always has been more steeped in the blood letting of who they identify as "infidels" than in the pursuit of art, music, or philosophical thought. They were barbarians then and those who remain to this day still stink due to a total lack of or interest in, the practice (MORE)

What are the characterists of a human?

An easy way to remember is MRS NERG M ovement R espiration (the process of energy being released by cells- NOT breathing, a common misconception.) S ensitivity N utrition E xcretion (waste of products our bodies don't need) R eproduction G rowth