What are the cheats for Storm the House 3?

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Storm the House 3 Cheats:
  • Moonraker- people moonwalk
  • Live and Let Die- full wall
  • The World Is Not Enough- all weapons
  • Die Another Day- god mode
  • The Living Daylights - Shorter day lengths
  • Diamonds Are Forever- unlimited money
  • Octopussy- more tower slots
  • From Russia With Love- unlimited ammo
  • Goldfinger- Mr.McBeefpunch

The (something here) is "Fisty Mcbeef punch"
These are all the names of James Bond novels, by the way.
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If your wife cheats who is likely to get house and 3 kids when 1 is hers from her first marriage?

In some states if YOU are legally married and have kids, and the wife/husband cheat, and YOU have "PROOF" Of the affair. You will MOST likely get custody and the house. Custody are a whole different topic If the Judge sees that the child will be better taken care of financially, physically and emoti (MORE)

Storm the house 2?

It is an game on the internet where you have to defend your house from stickmen and various other enemies.

Why does the house shake when there is a thunder storm?

Your house will shake depending the closeness of the lightning. Thunder is a sonic boom that comes from the rapid heating of the air around a lightning strike. Sonic booms cause massive shaking to nearby objects (your house). This will happen if the lightning is very close.

Storm the house?

It is a fun game where you defend your "house" from people attacking you. It doesn't have any viruses.

What are Monster House PS2 Cheats?

Here is a cheat for gun upgrades in Monster House for PS2. Hold L1+ R1 and hit Square, Triangle, Square, X, Square, Circle, Square,Square.

Cheats for storm the house 3?

moon raker - people moonwalk . live and let die - full wall . The World Is Not Enough - all weapons . Die Another Day - god mode . The Living Daylights - Shorter day lengths . Diamonds Are Forever - unlimited money . octopussy - more tower slots . from russia with love - unlimited ammo . gol (MORE)

Storm the house 3 cheats?

all enemies moonwalk = moonraker infinite ammo = from russia with love infinite money = diamonds are forever extra tower slots = octopussy God Mode = die another day ( 1st time on 2nd time off ) P.S. the fan makes stuff slow down not just the guys

What are the cheat codes for storm the house 3?

infinite money: diamonds are forever more tower slots: octopussy fisty mcjeeppunch: goldfinger all enemies moonwalk: moonraker all guns: the world is not enough god mode: die another day full wall (bugged): live and let die infinite ammo: from russia with love short day: the living daylights

What does god mode do on storm the house 3?

I believe it make you the haxor to the leetzor, but I could be wrong... although it has been tested that it is an unstable cheat and could crash your PC... I believe it make you the haxor to the leetzor, but I could be wrong... although it has been tested that it is an unstable cheat and could cras (MORE)

How do you kill the bomber in storm the house 3?

The plane first flies in the background from the right to the left.At this point, it can be shot down with a bullet weapon (machinegun, etc). When the plane is in the foreground and flying from leftto right, it cannot be shot down. Unfortunately, there seems to be a visual glitch and the plane isno (MORE)

House cheats for The Sims 2?

useful cheats for sims 2 is \n. \nmoveobjects on true = to move things not able to before \n. \nboolprop testingCheatsEnabled true = to rise energy and skills \n. \nmotherlode = 50,000$\n. \nkaching = 1,000$\n. \nexit = to exit cheat bar\n. \ncheat bar up = press ctrl, shift, c

What are some cheat codes to storm the house 2?

There arent any cheat codes really, but here are some things thatll help you out.. General Keyboard Commands. (rating: 100%) here are some general commands - press the "P" button to -pause- the game - press the "X" button to use the "hand of god" weapon (after u beat day 39) - press the lef (MORE)

What do the cheats in conflict desert storm do?

To activate the in game cheat menu, hold SHIFT and type DESERTWATCH on the main menu. Then click on options. You'll see a cheats button that allows you to change your Experience level, the enemy's level, and select the mission you want to play.

Cheats for Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm?

no cheats i know you just want to unlock all characters or something that cool but i wanna get hokage naruto in the naruto shippuden ultimate ninja storm 2 but no actually i have a big hard time to push these buttons but i gotta admit its not easy but if you have any games for your console go to IG (MORE)

Are there cheats for storm winds the lost campaign?

yes ctrl+shift+c all guns cost 100g ctrl+shift+l all guns unlocked after next wave ctrl+shift+u all weapons in active slots (not storage) get 2 upgrade points (repeatable as many times as wanted) works on all stormwinds games

Is there storm the house 4?

as of now, no, and to tell you the truth I don't think they're going to make a 4th, sorry. But another excellent game (It's not a series like STH) is caravaneer at sugar free games, it's my all time favorite.

Storm Hawks Goes to the White House?

Storm Hawks Goes to the White House is upcoming movie in 2011.. Storm Hawks meets First Lady Jackie B. Onassis Kennedy & John F. Kennedy!. Storm Hawks Told John F. Kennedy, he will be shot on Nov,22,1963. Storm Hawks was trying go to Travel to year 2566.. but storm hawks hit the Wrong button!. (MORE)

Are there any cheat codes for pacific storm?

Heres a lot Eliminator events. Finish within the top three places and be under the wreck limit for a zone to unlock the Eliminator events. Speed events. Finish within the top three places and be under the time limit for a zone to unlock the Speed events. Bonus vehicles. Get the indicated t (MORE)

What is a storm signal number 3?

During a storm, when winds of greater than 100 kph up to 185 kph may be expected in at least 18 hours. it is storm signal number 3

Will there be naruto Ultimate Ninja storm 3?

Yes, there will be a ultimate storm 3 and the Storyline leads to the 4th great ninja war and the resurrection of the ten tales also the game will have so much more features & playable characters. And along with pre-order Naruto will be able to ware Goku's outfit from DragonBall Z! This game goes ve (MORE)

Storm hawks season 3?

Well, I went to check on google a little earlier today. According to a page I found (can't remember what page, sorry! I just remember I wrote "Storm Hawks 2010 new season") the third season for Storm Hawks starts near the end of January or the beginning of February. I'm not sure if this is true, but (MORE)

World war storm 8 cheat codes?

Sorry but there aren't any cheat codes for Storm8 World War Live. If you are looking for recruits to join your alliance then try one of the many code sitesbut there theres a ray gun glitch in the campaign->ghost hunter111 was here

What are th e cheats for Storm the House 3?

Whoever u r. I have a suggestion for u, U never need to cheat at anything u do. Try ur best and if u need to buy it then u should be proud. coz if u cheat u never learn anything

Is there a cheat for Sims 3 Pets where you can get a unicorn to appear at your house?

At around 8PM-5AM there is a 40% chance that a unicorn will appear around a fishing spot. You will know if one does when in map mode there will be a mist. zoom in and get your sim there. You will have to befriend the unicorn before giving it the offer to join your household. It will say no until you (MORE)

What are the build a house cheats for The Sims 3?

You don't need a cheat to build a house, but to Build or Buy on a lot that is not your house, use testingcheatsenabled true and press shift and click on the lot. Your options will be: Teleport Me Here, Build On This Lot, or Buy On This Lot. For putting objects in places you want them to be without (MORE)

What is the plot of the video game 'Storm the House 3'?

There is no main plot to Storm the House 3, the only information available is that there is a large Army chasing the main character, the player. There does not seem to be any other substance to the game other than it is a game that falls under the "Shoot 'em up" genre.