What are the cleaning supplies and procedures?

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When cleaning the floor, I usually sweep out the dust first. Or you can use a vacuum cleaner. Then I mop the floor after so the remaining dust particles are cleaned out too.
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What is the procedure for cleaning your condenser?

Unplug or at least power down the unit. For an air conditioner or similar appliance, Spray it with the garden hose. It is recommended to allow the unit to dry before powering

Describe the procedure of deep cleaning?

To get deep cleaning, you first get local anesthesia so that the procedure is comfortable. Then you would get a scaling deep in the gums where you have pockets. At the end, yo

Room cleaning procedure?

The room cleaning procedure is given below: Put all the garbage in the bag or bin. Recycle what you can allabout in your home. Next take all dishes/food out of your room and p

What are cleaning supplies?

Brooms . Dustpans . Mops . Dusters (feather or hypoalergenic) . Cloths/Cleaning rags . Detergents and soaps . Bleach (very good cleanser when mixed with water, also sani

What do you do in cleaning procedures in KFC?

Well, this is a tough questions, because it depends on what part of the store you are asking? Lobby, bathroom, outside, kitchen, storage areas, prep area, packing area, drive
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What is the procedure for cleaning knit boots?

Knit boots, or other knit items, can be cleaned with a mild cleaner such as Woolite in the gentle cycle of most washing machines. The preferred way, of course, is hand washing

What is the procedure for cleaning your computer registry?

The procedure for cleaning ones computer registry require basic steps. First, one must close all programs and files. Second, one must back up all important documents in case s
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What is the procedure to clean cafeteria table?

1. Prepare the disinfectant solution from the custodial dispensingmachine. 2. Mix fresh solution everyday Rinse a clean sponge,squeeze well and wipe the cafeteria table to dis