What are the codes for a ge universal remote rc24993 c?

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what are the codes for the ge uniersal remote rc24993-c
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What are the GE universal remote codes for a Sylvania TV?

You can consult your instruction manual (the list is usually a separate document) or contact Jasco Products Company support at 1-800-643-8483 Monday - Friday, 7:30am - 5:00pm

What is GE universal remote codes for Digital Stream convertor box?

Programming procedure for GE Universal Remote to Digital Stream converter box is as follows: 1. Turn on converter box either manually or otherwise. 2. Press SETUP button u

What is the code for avol tv using ge universal remote?

1) All you need is to purchase a GE Universal Remote Control (ModelNo. 24922) for about $14.99, then follow steps from 01 thru 07 onpage #8 under "Auto Code Search" section.

How do you program a GE universal remote without a code search button?

Turn the device on you want to program - the TV for instance. Point the remote directly at the TV. Hold down the TV button and the power button illuminates while also holding
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Where can one obtain GE Universal Remote codes?

Owners of a General Electric (GE) universal remote seeking the proper codes can go to various locations for retrieval. These include Radio Shack, Eliztech, and Digital Landing