What are the dangers of going to Brazil?

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The Dangers Are The Rain Forest And The OxyGen That Come From The Trees And The Wild Life And The Spiders And More Can Bite You And Infect You With Poisen
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Did Hitler go to Brazil?

Nobody knows. . Recent evidence (linked below) suggests Adolf Hitler's actual remains weren't found. Although there are claimed eyewitnesses, this new information may cast d

When is a good time to go to Brazil?

It depends... Most tourists go to Brazil among January to march. Maybe because it's summer there, and most because of the most famous Carnaval on Earth, which happens between

How do you say 'how is it going' in Brazil?

If you're addressing someone young with whom you've got a certain degree of friendship: "Como vai, cara?". If you know the person but not on a friend-like basis or is someone

What is the most dangerous animal in Brazil?

As in any other place on earth, is the human being, which is one of the only who kill just because he can. The answer above is a good answer but as a animal it would have

Is Brazil dangerous?

no it depends on where you are going and wether you adapt to theirculture or not.

Is ronaldinho going to return to Brazil?

No it is not likely , as he will have to fill the shoes vacated by Kaka at A.C. Milan.He now has a chance to come back to the old days when he was at Barcelona.

Can you go carp fishing in Brazil?

Yeah Digga for sure you can. But keep out, best CARP FISHING is in Russia and Ukraine, also Kazachstan is damn`famous for monster carps bigger than hogs. Russian fishes are aw

What is the most Dangerous city in Brazil?

It depends what part of the city you're in. Places close to favelas are very dangerous. Brazilian people can recognize a tourist very easy (by clothes you use, skin tone and a
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What vaccinations do you need to go to Brazil?

You aren't required to get any vaccinations, but the recommended vaccines are: . Hepatitis A Hepatitis B Typhoid Yellow Fever Rabies Consult your nearby travel
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Why should someone go to Brazil?

Well that's an opinion. I , would say because its nice and sunny,i mean anywhere new is fun to go to!
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Why did Vespucci go to Brazil?

Amerigo Vespucci was an Italian explorer, financier, navigator and cartographer. Vespucci made a voyage to Brazil in Portuguese service, which left Lisbon in 1501. He explore