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The African elephant is bigger than the Asian elephant, and has larger ears. The large ears are one of the main ways to differentiate the two. The African elephant also has a dip in its back, where the Asian elephant has a hump. The African elephant has a smooth curved forehead, while the Asian elephant has two humps on its forehead. The African elephant has four or five toes on its front feet and three on its back feet. The Asian elephant has five toes on its front feet and four on its back feet. The trunk of the African elephant has two knobs of flesh on its tip, one on top and one on the bottom. The Asian elephant has only one knob of flesh on its trunk, and it's at the top. The African elephant's tusks are longer than the Asian elephant's.

The African elephant is much larger than the Asian Elephant, in both height and weight, and as stated, the ears are clearly larger. African elephants also have a single round 'dome' on the top of their head, while Asian elephants have 2 'domes' on top of their head with a small indentation in between. African elephants are also known to be more 'wrinkly' than Asian elephants. In Asian elephants, only some of the males will get tusks, however among African elephants both the male and female can have tusks. African elephants also have two 'fingers' at the end of their trunk used to grabbing and moving things, whereas Asian elephants only have one 'finger' at the end of their trunk on the top, but they make it work just as well as having two.

A very distinct difference between the two is in the ears. The African elephant's ears are over twice the size of the Asian elephant's. Also the African elephant's ears are shaped quite differently, and are often referred to as the "Map of Africa" by some wildlife biologists. The Asian elephant's ears are not shaped this way. This is easy to see from afar and is, therefore, often the way the animals are told apart from a distance. the African elephant is from Asia and the other one from Africaand there size
African elephants have big ears and a round top of their head and they are much bigger then a Indian elephant.

Indian elephants have small ears with an indent on the top of their head and they are much smaller than an African elephant.

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1) The African elephant is larger and has bigger ears for its body size. African ears extend to the back of the neck, while Asian elephant ears to not. Asian elephant ears fold forward
2) Trunk of African Elephant has more rings and 2 fingers at the tip while Asian Elephants have less rings and one finger at the tip
3) Backs of African Elephants have dips while Asian Elephants arch
4) Both sexes of the African Elephants have tusks while only males have large tusks in Asian elephants.
The easiest way to tell an African elephant apart from an Asian elephant is an African elephant's ear will look like the continent of Africa whereas an Asian elephant will have a large wide ear, like the continent of Asia.
The differences of the Asian elephant and the African elephant is that an African elephant has bigger ears that are shaped like Africa. But the Asian elephant has much smaller ears. The ear size depends on how hot it is were the elephant lives because an elephant uses it's ears to cool itself off.
Usually, African elephants have bigger ears then Asian elephants and African elephants have wrinkled skin while an Asian elephant's skin is smoother
African elephants have much larger ears than Asian elephants.
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