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What are the differences between Julius Caesar the movie and the book?

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The movie from 1953 is missing some scenes and parts from acts such as when Portia stabs herself in the thigh to prove to Brutus that she is strong enough to keep his secrets. Another scene that was changed is when Caesar was being killed. All the conspirators ended up cutting one another along with killing Caesar but in the movie only Caesar was stabed
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Did Julius Caesar write books?

  Yes, Caesar wrote  about his battles in his conquest Gaul and the peoples who lived  there in his Commentarii de Bello Gallico (Commentaries on the  Gallic War).  

Differences between Julius Caesar play and movie?

I'm sure there were some cuts in the text. Heston himself discusses the making of the film in his autobiography, The Actor's Life (1978). It's not a bad film (except for a sur

Why was the book Julius Caesar banned?

Great Caesar"s Ghost! How can you make such an accusation? Julius Caesar is one of the classic historical tragedies of Shakespeare and is widely taught in High schools as it f

What are some differences between Julius Caesar and Augustus Caesar?

They are two different people, but Julius and Augustus were both on the same political wavelength. The main difference between the two was that Julius grew arrogant and August

What are some similarities and differences between Brutus and Cassius in the play Julius Caesar?

they are both willing to kill to get what they want, cassius does it for ambition and brutus does it for the love of his country.they accomplish the same goal but for very dif

Who wrote the book Julius Caesar?

William Shakespeare

What was the difference between Julius Caesar and Marc Antony?

Julius Caesar and Mark Antony were both from the patrician class  and related to each other. Caesar however ruled by conquering and  Antony ruled by military treaty and pact

How are Obama and Julius Caesar different?

  Caesar has a month, the words Kaiser and Tsar, a  surgical birth and a salad named for him. Obama has ObamaCare, the  Obama Phone and the Obamanation named after him.