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Monkeys vs. chimps Both chimpanzees and monkeys are primates, although monkeys are less closely related to humans.
The main obvious difference between the two is that monkeys have tails; chimps and other apes do not. Monkeys are structurally closer to four-legged animals like cats and dogs, while chimpanzees and other apes are more similar to human beings, both structurally and in terms of their level of intelligence and behavior. Apes have been observed to operate within a social structure and have even been taught to use sign language and to type.
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What are the differences between human and monkey?

Perhaps 1% to 3% of the genes, depending on species. Chimpanzees  differ from humans by less than 1% of the genes.   Most monkeys and all primates (except humans) have 24

What is the difference between an eagle and a monkey?

An Eagle is a bird and has wings and can fly. On the other hand A monkey is an animal that cant fly but looks something like you...Apparently if u asked this question for real

What is the difference between a chimpanzee and a human?

Genetics - Humans have a 1 to 6% difference in DNA with Chimps  (sources vary). This accounts for the major phenotypical  differences.      Anatomy - Starting from

What is the difference between a chimpanzee and a gorilla?

The difference between a chimpanzee and a gorilla is obvious in many ways. Firstly, gorillas are generally much larger, and don't possess nearly as much brain power as chimpan

What accounts for the skeletal differences between chimpanzees and humans?

Starting from the top, the skulls of Chimps have a smaller brain  pan and much larger jaws. Their rib cage is bell shaped to  accommodate their high fiber diet; they eat lot
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What is the difference between humans and monkeys?

Humans:ability to talkreadwritecook and everything else we humans do...we don't have Tails,long arms, big mouths, short / long legs Monkeysclim trees fastthey are hairycant
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What is the difference between monkeys and apes?

From what I've read, two of the main differances are that monkeys are generally considered intelligent, and unlike apes, they usually have tails. (according to wikipedia) - M

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There are numerous differences. Platypuses are monotremes (egg-laying mammals) but monkeys are placental mammals, meaning they give birth to live young.Platypuses are native t