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Disney's Hercules is highly stylized. It was an anachronistic musical, based loosely on Greek mythology. Some concepts were adapted to be more understandable to modern audiences, such as the battle of good vs evil / Heaven vs Underworld, an idea which is not present in the source material. As the film was meant to be family-friendly, Disney chose to clean up more unsavory story elements, such as Hercules' birth being the result of adultery.
  • Disney uses the Roman name instead of his Greek name, Heracles.
  • He was born a mortal and became immortal, rather than losing his immortality.
  • Hercules is the son of Zeus and Alcmena, not Hera.
  • Hera (Zeus' wife) sends the snakes to kill the infant, not Hades.
  • Pegasus does not accompany Hercules on his adventures.
  • Hades is god of the Underworld, but he is not considered evil in Greek myths. All mortals go to the Underworld after death, regardless of sin or virtue.
  • The Moerae and Graeae have been merged in the Disney film into one group of characters (called the Moerae).
  • Philoctetes did not train Hercules; he was only a child when Hercules died.
  • Megara and Hercules' first wife, Deianira, are merged to create one character (called Megara or Meg). Megara did not sell her soul to the Underworld and never saved Hercules.
  • The Hydra was in Lerna, not Thebes.
  • Hercules did not kill the Minotaur or Medusa.
  • The Cyclopes were allies of Zeus.
  • Hercules did descend to the Underworld; however, he was not immortal at this time. He went to capture Cerberus.
  • Hades was never defeated as he wasn't considered an bad god.
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