What are the differences between the Twilight movie and the book?

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Well, some scenes were taken out, and some things from scenes in the book, were made into a different scene
The book is amazing,More spectacular than the movie..There is a lot of differences.mainly more added things to the book.Like for example rosalie was meant to be with edward that why propably she is acting jelous of Bella,Alice also has another story Where James told Bella when he attacked her.Also the relationship between edward and Bella is much more fun and intensed than the movie. Another funny thing is that mike newton,Eric and tailer asked Bella to the dance. she refused and told them she cant,but tyler said replied to her saying ok there is still the prom,Where he kept telling all the people he is gonna take Bella to the prom,Edward was jelous then and he told Bella later he was listening to the conversation and he was jelous though Bella and edward wasnt talking right then.And then at the end when Bella was in the car was edward charlie called edward to tell him that tyler is waiting at the house for Bella, he told him ok put him in, he talked to him ironically and told him she is occupied. and she is only for me. :D.....You ought to read the book its really funny and very romantic.Hope i was useful
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What are the differences between twilight the book and the movie?

There are not many differences between the twilight book and twilight movie but one difference i found in the movie was at the baseball scene when rosalie "that wont help i co

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In the movie they leave out the meadow scene and blood typing(my favourites) but they add some like climbing the trees in the forest. Personally I think the book is better bec

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You read a book and you watch a movie. A movie that derives from a book is usually a bit different than the book itself.

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If you have read the book, the differences are very obvious. I personally dislike the movie because it leaves out some very important scenes and most of the rest were cut shor

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The movie for Twilight is not very accurate and does not keep with the plot of the original book. Some scenes are added for drama and other parts are very exaggerated. It is a

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There are many such as the cooking scene in the movie where the Cullens (apart from Edward) are cooking for Bella. This part is not in the book. Also, where the bad Vampires (

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Well......... Basically in the film Charlie and Bella go to this pub/restaurant thinggy like all the time however in the book they don't. In the book when Bella is in port ang
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To truly answer this question would take more time than anyone should bother with, but I can give the overall differences: . Missing from the movie was the character of Pat