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What are the differences between the book and movie Flipped?

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In the book, Shelly and Miranda have a fight at the basket boys auction. In the movie some names changed like Matt and Mike was Matt and Mark, uncle David was uncle Daniel, Shelly Stalls was Sherry stalls. ETC......
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What are 20 differences between the movie and the book?

  Sorry but these arent 20!   In the book, Stanley is really fat but in the movie he's quite thin. In the book, Kate Barlow is tortured before she dies and in the mo

Difference between book and movie?

You read a book and you watch a movie. A movie that derives from a book is usually a bit different than the book itself.

What is the difference between a book and a movie?

Besides the obvious , movies condense books for time and economic reasons. The movie may also contain scenes that are not in the book. This is done for several reasons which i

Difference between book and movie about a boy?

well in the novel Will is illustrated in a dispicable way. Hornby actually makes the reader hate him at the start but in the movie, because of his good looks and humour, we ac

What are the similarities and differences between books and movies?

books give more detail then movies take harry potter for example in the film they cut a lot of things out that was in the book and similaraties are that both movies and books

What is the difference between the movie and the book?

  If you have read the book, the differences are very obvious. I personally dislike the movie because it leaves out some very important scenes and most of the rest were cu

What is the differences between the crucible movie and book?

Everything is (completely) different! John is a recovering alcoholic right of rehab just trying to have a fresh start in the subways of Chicago. Abigail is a prostitute on the

Is the book flipped a movie coming out?

flipped is a amazing book made by wendalen vandrenen and will be made into a movie and the opening day is august 6 2010 and shortly maybe the sequal to flipped will come out a
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What is the difference between the book IT and the movie?

To truly answer this question would take more time than anyone should bother with, but I can give the overall differences: Missing from the movie was the character of Patrick