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What are the differences between wolves and dogs?

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Biologically, nothing. Dogs are a type of wolf, more specifically a subspecies of the Grey Wolf.
Wolves are stronger eat different food
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How are wolves different from dogs?

Dogs are a domesticated form of the Grey Wolf, so they are essentially the same species. They are different because dogs are domesticated, or tamed, and wolves are just wild a

What is the difference between wolves and dogs?

Species-wise, there is no difference between a dog and a wolf.  Both dogs and Grey wolves belong to the species Canis lupus. The  domestic dog is a subspecies of the Grey wo

How are wolves and dogs different?

Wolves howl, dogs bark Wolves are generally taller than dogs Wolves live in packs in the wild, dogs live by themselves Wolves are more intelligent than dogs, but are also

Jackals are different from dogs and wolves how?

Both jackals and wolves are wild dogs unlike their domestic cousins, such as the Husky and the Collie. It all depends on how a person defines the word "dog." The Dachshund and

What are the similarities between wolves and dogs?

Dogs are actually a subspecies of the wolf. Notice their scientific names are similar. Dogs are Canis Lupus Familiaris and Wolves are Canis Lupus. Another sign they are nearly

Difference between dogs and wolves?

Dogs: they are hose-trained and have better attitudes Wolves: they hunt naturally. they live in the wild. they are not house trained any thing you think wolves are, they are w

What is the difference between dogs and wolves?

The difference between dogs and wolves is the genetic makeup. The genetics refer, in a basic explanation, to the characteristics in the animal. Wolves are simply the "Original

How are dogs and wolves different?

Well i think that dogs and wolves are different because dogs are decended from wolves. And wolves are decended from dogs. (i am just guessing.(sigh.)

Something about wolves and dogs that are different?

Dogs at an adult age continue to behave like puppies. Wolves at adult age behave like adults. An example would be barking and face licking. Adult dogs do these things, adult w

What are the differences between wolves and dog instincts?

Not much at all the basic instincts are the same  There has to be an alpha (leader)  The alpha is the decision maker  The alpha leads the hunt (the walk in a domestic situa

What is the difference between wolves and lions?

They are from different species. Wolves are actually members of the canine (dog) family, although most people don't associate them with the domestic or friendly behavior of a
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Why are dogs and wolves different?

Although dogs are direct descendants of wolves, dogs have been domesticated since 1100 B.C. In cave paintings from Neanderthal days, wolf-like creatures are depicted running a

What are the connections between wolves and dogs?

"Wolf" is a somewhat vague term. There are several species called "wolves" of some kind or other, but usually the term refers to Canis lupus. There are several subspecies of