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Had the same question. Found this list on a talk site:


Lines include:

* Red Tab
* Silver Tab (this line started in 1990 and is marketed to a more fashion-forward demographic; the last five years this line got a make-over to resemble an urbanwear look rather than the traditional Levi's look)
* Dockers
* Levi Strauss
* Type 1 - discontinued but still available in Asia
* Engineered - discontinued but still available in Asia
* Circle R
* Red Loop
* Levi's Vintage Clothing(L.V.C)
* Levi Strauss Signature
* Next Cube Blue Print (N3BP)
* Capital E

Denim giant Levi Strauss has designed a pair of jeans, called RedWire DLX Jeans, able to control a wearer's Apple iPod music player. The RedWire DLX Jeans will have an iPod remote control and docking station fitted in its pockets, and comes complete with attached headphones. To be launched in August 2006, the jeans will cost approximately $250. Levi Strauss is not the first to produce iPod-compatible clothing, but it is believed to be the first to do so for trousers or jeans. No details of how exactly the owner will be able to wash them have been released.

In 2000, the "Launderette" advert for Levi's 501s was named the 6th best television commercial of all time, in a poll conducted by The Sunday Times and Channel 4, a UK Based Television channel & newspaper.

Numbered styles --

* 501 Button Fly
* 503 Skinny (women)
* 504 Slouch Straight (women)
* 505 Straight Leg
* 506 Standard Fit (men)
* 507 Boot Cut (Men)
* 508 Loose (Men)
* 509 Loose (Men)
* 511 Skinny (Men)
* 512 Boot Cut (Men)
* 512 Slim Fit (Men
* 514 Slim (Men)
* 514 Slouch Boot Cut (women)
* 515 Boot Cut (women)
* 516 Slim Fit (discontinued)
* 517 Boot Cut (men)
* 518 Superlow Boot Cut (women)
* 519 Flared (women)(discontinued)
* 519 Flared (women)(discontinued)
* 522 Stretch (men)
* 524 Classic Straight Cut (men)
* 525 Boot Cut (women)
* 527 Low Boot (men)
* 529 Slim Boot Cut (Women)
* 529 Low Straight (men)(discontinued)
* 539 Comfort Straight (men)
* 542 Low Straight/Low Flared (women)
* 544 Boot Cut (women)
* 550 Relaxed Fit
* 551 Flare (women)
* 552 Mid-Rise Straight (women)
* 555 Relaxed Fit Straight (discontinued)
* 556 "Billie May" Regular Fit (women)
* 557 "Eve" Square-Cut (women)
* 558 "Patty Anne" Slim Fit (women)
* 559 "Marissa" Square-Cut Boot (women)
* 559 straight relaxed (men)
* 560 Comfort Fit (men)
* 565 Wide Leg, Loose Fit (women)
* 567 Loose Boot Cut (men)
* 569 Loose Straight (men)
* 570 Straight Fit (women)
* 571 Slim Fit (women)
* 572 Boot Cut (women)
* 573 Loose Fit (women)
* 576 Loose Fit (women)
* 579 "Bobby Anne" Skinny
* 581 Boot Cut (men)
* 584 Boot Cut stretch (men)
* 606 Skinny
* 646 Bellbottom (Men)
* 646 Capital E Vintage Flared (women)
* 901 Tapered (men)
* 907 Twisted Boot cut (men)
* 927 Boot Cut (men)
* Capital E Skimmer Skinny (women)
* Premium City Straight (women)
* Type 1 Iconic Fit
* Type 1 Real Loose
* Type 1 Tough Boot


orange tabs(europe):
* 630 straight
* 631 skinny
* 632 bell
* 622 big bell
* 637 big bell
* 602 big bell

400 series is mosts twill pants in Khaki and Tan, 1960s, plus stretch Levi's

600 series is an assorted selection, including men's black jeans, yarn-dyed (601), boys, mostly sanforized jeans (601, in the 60s, 602, 603, 604, up to 640)

700 is the women's series, including the 701 Lady Levi's (1935), 710 up is men's shirts, mostly twill (1960s)

800 is mostly Slim fit jeans in tan, sand and black twill. 801 is mostly shorts, in sand twill, Bravo Blue Twill, all from roughly 1962-66.

And Wikipedia being Wikipedia, those probably aren't the only styles. They probably took it down because of the trouble. If you guys find any others not on the list that haven't been mentioned earlier then please post them.
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