What are the different theories of the creation of the planet?

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One of the most commonly-held theories is that the Earth and the other planets developed over millions of years out of the dust and gas surrounding the sun when it was a young star. The vast majority of scientists hold to this view, which is considered the only viable theory by the scientific community.

Probably the most commonly-held hypothesis aside from the evolutionary model is that the Earth was created by an all-powerful being who also created the entire universe. This view is often described as the Creationist hypothesis. Though there are some scientists who hold this view, they are often overlooked by scientists who believe in evolution, or are mocked for their ideas, whether or not those ideas have affected their scientific work. This view is held by many Christians, though there is disagreement over whether the Earth was created at the time that life started here (taking the Biblical book of Genesis literally, called the Young Earth Model) or whether the Earth was already here at the time that life began here (called the Old Earth Model). The Old Earth Model includes aspects of both of the most common ideas.

Other hypotheses are generally restricted to particular cultures, based on their belief systems.

Specific theories and their development

The French mathematician and physicist Laplace, over one hundred years ago suggested that the sun was formed from the condensation of a nebula, a gaseous body. As the gaseous, rotating sun contracted, gaseous rings would be thrown off just like drops of water from a flywheel. These droplets later formed planets.

The planetesimal theory followed put forward by Chamberlain and Moulton. A star might have come close to the sun as to cause tremendous gravitational pulls upon each other, causing tidal waves, as it were, and erupting material into space.
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