What are the different types of energy from the sun?

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What are the different types of energy?

The basic ones are just: Chemical Energy- CE Kinetic Energy-KE Heat energy-HE Light energy-LE Gravitational Potential energy-GPE Chemical energy-CE Sound energy- SE Electrical energy-EE Elastic potential energy-EPE Magnetic Kinetic Heat/Thermal Light Gravitational Potential Chemical Sound Electrical (MORE)

Different types of energy?

-Light Energy -Thermal Energy -Chemical Energy -Gravitational Potential Energy -Kinetic Energy -Sound Energy -Electrical Energy I think that's all or most of them :)

What type of energy does the sun give off?

Answer . Primarily, the sun radiates energy in the form of light. Light waves, or photons, carry the energy away uniformly in all directions. The sun also transfers a miniscule proportion of its energy in other ways. It emits streams and bursts of kinetic energy and electric potential energy when (MORE)

What are different types of energy?

there are many types of energy are; potential energy, kinetic energy. Mechanical energy, electrical energy, solar energy, wind energy, thermal energy and nuclear energy

What are the different type of energy?

Sound Energy . Light Energy . Nuclear Energy . Chemical Energy . Electrical Energy . Solar Energy Wind Energy . Kinetic Energy . Potential Energyuclear

What are the different types of potential energy?

potential energy is the energy possessed by an object because of its position relativeto other objects (gravitational), stresses within itself (elastic)or its electric charge (electric / magnetic field).

What type of energy is the sun?

This is a very oversimplified answer. . Ultimately, all of a sun's energy comes from gravity. Due to the shear mass of a star, the gravitational forces in the sun are so strong that, at the center of the sun, atoms are fused together in a process called nuclear fusion. Nuclear fusion itself liber (MORE)

The different types of energy?

Potential energy is energy not being used, but available. Kinetic energy is the energy of an object in motion. Some other types of energy are mechanical, thermal, chemical, electrical, radiant, and atomic energy.

What are the different types of nuclear energy?

I assume you mean for peaceful purposes. There are thermal nuclear reactors and fast reactors. The thermal ones use a moderator to slow down the neutrons produced by fission. The moderator can be normal water, heavy water, or graphite. The normal water types are the Pressurised Water Reactor (PWR) a (MORE)

What are the definitions of the different types of energy?

I had to do this in science class. Chemical energy-stored in atoms that make up molecules Mechanical energy-energy that moves objects Thermal energy-anything powered by electricity Electromagnetic energy-flow of electrically charged particles Electrical energy-flow of electrical power hope i helped (MORE)

What type of energy does the sun have?

Gravitational potential energy compressing it inward and thermonuclear fusion energy pushing it out, as long as they balance the sun will be stable. For stars like the sun this period of stability lasts about 12 billion years.

What are different types of kinetic energy?

Heat energy, light energy, sound energy, mechanical and radiant energy. you can search these now Hello, just so you know radiant energy is the same as light energy so in the answer above you can just say radiant, thermal (heat) motion, electrical, not mechanical and i am not sure about sound. So (MORE)

What are the different types forms of energy?

the two basic types are kinetic and potential energy. Kinetic energy is the energy something has when it is moving, and potential energy is the energy something has when it is still. Then there is mechanical energy energy, which is a combination of kinetic and potential, even when the object has jus (MORE)

What are the different types of energy transfers?

The three types of energy transfers are: Conduction, the transfer by energy moving through a solid; Convection, the transfer of energy in a gas or a liquid; and Radiation, the transfer of energy through space. Conduction is how a stove warms the contents of a pan. As the pan heats up, the materia (MORE)

What types of energy does the sun provide?

The sun provides light; the light also keeps the planet warm (too warm, if global warming continues), and enables plants to perform photosynthesis, thereby creating chemical energy as well.

What are 10 different types of energy?

here are some: -Linear Kinetic energy -Rotational Kinetic energy -Heat energy -Atomic energy -Electrical energy -Sound energy -Solar energy -Wind energy -Tidal energy -Wave energy -Hydro energy -Nuclear energy -Succesive ionization energy

What are the different types of energy sources?

There are many different ways in which the abundance of energy around us can be stored, ... theory, economics, and problems of the various types of energy . ... name as Fossil Fuels Fission Hydroelectric Biomass Solar Wind Geothermal Fusion

What type of energy waves are radiated from the sun?

All "energy wavers" are forms of radiation. Most of the spectrum is emitted from the sun in varying amounts from xray, all the way down to radio waves.\n. \nVisible light is a form of radiation, one which most directly affects us.

What are the different energy types?

There are lots of energy types,among them: kinetic energy potential energy light energy thermal energy electric energy magnatic energy Electric energy that can be generated by the wind,waterfalls,and the sun.

The type of energy from the sun?

solar energy is made from the sun. we use it for electricity its more efficient then anything else in the long run and we cant run out of it.

All the different types of energy?

Potential energy, kinetic energy, solar energy, chemical energy, sound energy, nuclear energy, gravitational energy, electric energy, heat energy,

What is the differences between energy types?

Potential energy and Kinetic energy. Potential energy comes in forms that are stored, including - Chemical, Gravitational, Mechanical and Nuclear. Kinetic energy forms are doing work - Like electrical, heat, light, motion and sound. Difference between them both are, Potential energy can be stored a (MORE)

What are two types of energy which come from the sun?

The sun is a complicated machine, but in the end it produces radiation, which arrives to Earth. We use some of that radiation - the visible light part of the spectrum - to see. Some of this radiation can be turned into solar energy. My butt itches.

What types of energy sources are not derived from the sun?

Practically all energy on earth comes originally from the sun. A power source not derived from the sun is geothermal, which uses heat from deep under the ground. . Nuclear energy. . Geothermal energy. . Fuel cell energy. . kinetic energy . potential energy . thermal energy . gravitational (MORE)

What are the different types of wind energy?

Well wind energy is all the same , it is energy that comes form the sun (which heats the air and this causes winds). The energy can be harvested by sails (as in sailing ships) or by wind mills (as in grinding flour or pumping water) or wind turbines (as in generating electricity).

What type of organism gets energy from sun?

Photosynthetic organisms, the vast majority of these are the greenplants using the pigment chlorophyll, but there are other organismsalso capable of photosynthesis using different pigments havingdifferent colors. All forms of photosynthesis convert carbondioxide and water to glucose.

What type of energy does a sun use?

Solar Energy Nexr Answer The sun uses nuclear fusion energy to create solar energy (lightand heat) as well as many other forms of radiation.