What are the different types of families?

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The three types of families are the following:
  1. extended- grandparents etc
  1. single-parent- one parent
  2. blended- include a couple and one or more children from a previous relationship
  3. nuclear- have a husband, wife and one or more biological or adopted children.
  4. a gay family- people of the same sex having a marriage
  5. urban family - a group that consists of close friends who are like family.
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What are different types of family?

There are many Family types out there. This includes: . Adopted Family's . Single Parent Family's . Separated Parents . Incest Parents . Foster Family's . Step Parents

What is the different types of family?

There are 4 types of families but I forgot the other 2... 1. Nuclear Family 2. Extended Family Answer What ever you dicide to call the family there is only one

What are some different types of families?

There are four different types of families. There is the single-parent family, the nuclear family, the extended family, and the composite family. . Single parent family - Co

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There are many different types of familys: 1) Where the mom hates the kids and leaves 2) Where the dad kills the mom and kidnapps the kids 3) Where the kids kill their parents

What are 5 different types of families?

Nuclear families (families with children AND parents), Step families (families with parents or parent who has/have children from previous relationships), Extented families (fa