What are the different types of totem poles?

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Well it mostly depends on what culture you are talking about. If it happens to be Native American totem poles then that is easy. Each totem pole represents some kind of character trait. For example: the eagle totem pole would represent wisdom. The bear totem pole represents bravery. And the wolf totem pole would represent leadership.
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Why do you have totem poles?

They are still used to indicate family lines whose attributes are associated with the animals carved.

What are the different parts of a totem pole?

Totems poles were built in three sections and the position of thefigures were significant. The bottom of the totem pole displayedimages and symbols of the most prominent and v

What type of animals are on totem poles?

there are lots of different animals on a totem pole, however the most common ones are bird e.g: hulks and birds that are strong. Also bears are used quit a lot. :)

What do the different carvings on totem poles represent?

That depends on the culture or tribe who is doing the carving. The carvings can represent family ancestry, legends, monumenal events. These totem poles were never objects of

What do totems on totem poles represent?

These poles are more correctly known as "story poles" and were personal to the carver and their family. The creatures represented related to the life of the carver and his bel