What are the dimensions of a Polaroid photograph?

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Overall 3.5" wide x 4.25" high. There is a .25 inch white border at the top, .1875 inches on the sides and .875 at the bottom.
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What do photographers do?

A photographer's job is to take photos. Photographers can work form home (self-employed), and some work for a company. Some take photographs of people for weddings, family p

What is polaroid?

Polaroid is the brand name of a type of film used to polarizelight. The inventor, Edwin H. Land, later named the company he formed tosell the film (originally called Land-Whe

What is a polaroid?

It's a type of camera that develops, or "prints" the pictures as you take them. Pics are pricey, but if you need them at hand directly it still has its use.

What do photographers have to do?

photographers take pictures of things. Like when you look at a magazien and the cover has a picture its from a photographer.

What does a photographer do?

A photographer... He or she records life, and their surroundings, and events so that they can be remembered in pictures. A photographer is a creative person who uses light

What are polaroids?

Polaroids are photographs taken from a camera that automatically prints pictures.

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to become a pH you can take some pictures and send them out to a art gallery and see if they like your pictures then you will begin your dream

What is dimension of B2 size photograph?

I think it is 500mm x 707mm or 19 5/8 in x 12 7/8 in if you want inches. That is the Size of B2 size Paper sheet. Size of B2 size Photograph is 5 cm x 7 cm.
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What is the difference between Hockney's Photographic collages and his Composite Polaroid images?

There are some differences between Hockney's Photographic collages and his Composite Polaroid images. One difference is that the Composite Polaroid images are all broken up in
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What is photographer?

A photographer is a person who takes photos in professional ways.They can take a variety of photos of like aerial, architectural,candid, fashion, food photography, wedding and