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The disadvantages of free-range livestock production is as follows:
  • Risk of death-loss from predation: animals are more likely to die or be killed from predators because they are out fending for themselves than animals that are confined indoors or in confined animal feeding operations.
  • More land is needed per animal, or as far as per lb of meat, milk or per egg is concerned, more acres or hectares are needed to produce that product than what is needed in CAFO operations.
  • More planning is necessary for animals being raised in an intensive rotational grazing system, or when grazing animals in a certain area for a certain period of time. Animals cannot be simply let out to eat whatever they want otherwise the pasture may become decimated, overgrazed or overgrown, depending on the species being used.
  • A scientific study done by the FAO reports that ruminants grazed on grass or fed a higher-roughage diet tend to release more methane than if they were fed a high-concentrate diet of grain.
  • Animals raised using free-range livestock production are often no different from those raised on CAFO operations. Holsteins and Jerseys are still used for producing milk when rotationally grazed for production "natural milk," for instance.
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