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What are the disadvantages of science?

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A disadvantage of science is that it doesnÕt always prove what it sets out to prove. Another disadvantage is that it sometimes doesnÕt offer solutions to serious problems.
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What are the advantages and the disadvantages of science?

advantage:   continuos discovery of things  makes man comfortable  making everything possible   disadvantage:   as technology improves, natural resources

Disadvantages of science?

Disadvantages of science; science is very essential to our dail day life . but there are lot of disaffects they are as follows 1.due to nuclear development there is a da

What is the advantages disadvantages of science?

Advantages: - We become more aware of our surroundings, for example, germs, we didn't know they were as harmful and dangerous as they are today. - It helps us create the la

Major disadvantages of science?

Disadvantages: Scientists die in labs because of accidents. Animals disturbed from habitats. Plant species taken from environment. Rare species threatened.Can be easily manipu

Disadvantages of science and technology?

One disadvantage is that technology has arguably made people more anxious. Given that more people now rely on the Internet and do not have to socialize quite as much as they h

What are the disadvantages of political science?

There is no question that there are many positive reasons for pursuing a political science major. The types of careers such a major can open doors to is almost endless. The pe

What are the advantages and disadvantages of science?

Advantages: * You get to know more about the world around you. * More species would be discovered. * More scientists on the planet Earth. * More subjects for you to st

What are the advantages and disadvantages of chemistry as a science?

Answer   The advantages of chemisty are so many that it's impossible to give more than a brief outline: Almost *all* medicines were discovered by *chemists*, not by physi
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What are the Disadvantages of science and technology in your health?

Day-to-day usage of technology affects health. Staring at the computer monitor all day will worsen eyesight. Using an earphone to listen to loud music will reduce hearing abil