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Narcissism causes impatience, anxiety and anger in the sufferer and will often lead to abusive and dysfunctional relationships, loneliness, temper tantrums and provoking behaviour leading to violence and domestic violence and murder, pornography and sexual fantasy addiction, alcohol and drug addiction, adultery, bankruptcy, divorce, child abuse, nervous breakdown and despair. Partners and family of narcissists are often affected by eroded self confidence and self esteem, anxiety, agoraphobia, overwhelming resentment, guilt and shame, domestic violence, alcoholism, drug addiction, social phobia, depression, suicide, adultery, divorce, loneliness, bankruptcy, social alienation, neuroses and despair. Both narcissists and their immediate family have an increased risk of incarceration. This is not a condition to ignore the symptoms of in adult or child. Kim Cooper author of "Back from the Looking Glass" Living with the Personality disorder that cause emotional and domestic abuse.
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What is Narcissism?

It's when someone is obsessed/in love with themselves. It comes from a mythological character named Narcissus who fell in love with his own reflection.     According to Am

Causes of narcissism?

Narcissistic personality disorder is genetic. My husband has it, his father had it and one of our five children has it.

How can you get healing for your Narcissism?

  Answer   I came to the conclusion recently that my sister, who is an undiagnosed narcissist, should steer her "talents" for want of a better word into writing fanta

What effects does narcissism have on marriage?

It ruins it, or it makes it unpleasant. Extra unpleasant for the children  It makes normal life impossible as there is never any stability or trust , it is basically a one wa

How do you deal with narcissism?

In one way, this question is fundamentally flawed; the very  sickness of a narcissist revolves around their viewing you as  merely an extension of themselves or a means to t

Where does Narcissism come from?

genetics ________________________ The etiology of Narcissism is debated. Some consider there is a possible genetic predisposition underlaying this disorder. However, many mor

Narcissism in politics?

A scary thought!, lol. It could be like giving a child a gun to play with depending on the situation. Yes there are many narcissists in politics. This would also be quite the

Manipulators and narcissism?

  To a point they go together. It depends on how much manipulating is happening. Narcissism type people do not care about anyone else only themselves. They never feel guil

How do you cure your narcissism?

Narcissism can be difficult to treat at times, but it depends on the client. If the client is truly motivated (which yes, does happen despite what you may read online), treatm

Is narcissism bad?

When it becomes excessive and interferes with one's ability to form a healthy relationship, yes. If it is just at the point of an enlightened self-interest, it is necessary.

What does a narcissism think about?

A person suffering from Narcisstic Personality Disorder thinks only about themselves - that is all they care about and what other people can do for them.  They are users and

How do you diagnoise narcissism?

You see the pattern's of behavior and you make a diagnoses. Usually  if you tell these patterns to a Dr. they will recognize it as  narcissism because the narcissist will ne