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What are the factors of production that influence the economies of the US Great Britain and China?

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The Factors of Production are Land, Labor, Capital (Wealth), and Natural Resources
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What factors influence the types of production a business should use?

the factors that influence the types of production a business should use are:- the size of the market,the type of production demanded,technological aspects of the product that

How did factors of production contribute to the Industrial Revolution in great Britain?

The factors of production contributed to the industrial revolution.  The improvements in the process of productions (land,labor and  capital) so more people were inventing n

What are the factors that influence productivity?

An employee's capacity, tools used on the job and the type of  incentive given all affect productivity. With the right tools,  employees can increase their chances at meetin

Is Great Britain a mixed economy?

yes great Britain has mixed economy(more in past than now). The economy is mixed because business are allowed to decide how they control their finances and transport is owned

How do the factors of production influence economies?

 Well you could modify land in order to make it  more productive to the task. If it is an agricultural  enterprise,you could till land. You could also provide government 

What factors can influence the price of a product?

1. The level Of Competition 2. Perceived value of your product 3. Product development cost 4. Economic trend 5. Level of market demand 6. Demographics 7. Class of target

What type of economy is Great Britain?

A capitalist free market economy that is more geared towards the service sector these days

Why did Great Britain sell opium to china?

Money. It's an addictive drug which made Great Britain a lot of money. It's the same reason that tobacco was the major cash crop of the America's; it's addictive and once peo

What kind of economy does Great Britain have?

A market economy. The economy of the United Kingdom is the sixth-largest national economy in the world measured by nominal GDP and seventh-largest measured by purchasing power