What are the factors that influence fitness?

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The factors that influence fitness are:
  1. Heredity (you can usually look at your parents and grandparents to find out what you will look like in the future. If you don't like what you see, get fit)
  2. Lifestyle choices
  3. Gender (fat storage areas)
  4. Chronic disease (7 out of 10 leading causes of death in America are chronic, caused by poor lifestyle choice, example: alcohol, obesity, tobacco)
  5. Age (it is easier to get rid of fat when you are younger, it gets harder as you get older)
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What are five factors that influence evolution?

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Factors influencing elasticity of supply?

There are four main factors that influence supply elasticity. Thosefactors are the ability to produce other goods; the ability to shutdown and cease business; the ability to take advantage ofalternative resources; and the amount of time it takes to respondto changes in price.

What factors influence the micro-environment?

The micro environment is the immediate small-scale environment ofan organism or a part of an organize especially as distinct part ofa larger environment. The factors that affect this are theemployees, suppliers, media, partners or investors, competitors andcustomers.Ê

What are the factors influencing Organizational Design?

Organizations exist in an environment which they need to adapt to and which is beyond its control. The influential factors to any kind of an organization is the environment or structure of the organization; the culture of the organization as well as the nature of work undertaken in the organization. (MORE)

How do human factors influence farming?

Human factors influence farming in such a way that humans come upwith technology and apply it to the industry. Humans are also themanpower who work in farms and innovate methods for more and betterproduce.

What are the factors that influence the marketing mix?

The main factors which could influence the marketing mix are: - Finance: The business should consider how much money is to be spent on marketing. - Needs of the market: The business should continue to carry out market research as the business grows, as the needs of customers change over time. - (MORE)

What is a vocational career and what are the factors that can influence it?

We might hear a "vocational career" called a "trade" by some folks. It's about having a group of skills that can lead a practitioner to success and a "happy life" (read: he can earn a living) by the consistent application of those skills (with upgrades as required by any advancements in the field). (MORE)

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Pathogen susceptibility influences the zone of inhibition becauseorganisms will not grow if they are susceptible to antibiotics.Another influence are the pH levels of agar which should fallbetween 7.2 and 7.4 room temperature.

How do abiotic factors influence biotic factors?

Abiotic factors influence where and how biotic factors live in anecosystem. Air temperature, climate, and water have an effect onbiotic factors. Colder temperatures influence which biotic factorsare able to survive in the area.

How does your attitude about fitness influence your fitness?

Before you can truly be successful with your fitness program, youmust believe with all our heart that fitness can work for you justlike it's worked for others. Sadly, many people fail in their mindbefore they even give fitness a good try. They doubt themselves andthey doubt the process. A negative a (MORE)

What factors influence choice of media?

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What are factors influencing the counseling process?

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What are the factors that influenced the music of Indonesia?

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What factors influence reaction rate?

It definitely depends on the reaction; however, generically speaking, concentration and temperature come into play as well as the presence of a catalyst. Concentration of reactants and time; also: order of reaction, type of reaction, temperature, pressure, stirring, added catalyst, the type of solv (MORE)

What are the factors influencing organisational behavior?

There are many factors here, but they can be broadly categorised into 4 groups. The individual The group The organisation The environment Organisational behavior is human behaviour as seen in organisations so that's a very large field. Take the issue of orientations to work and jobs - prof (MORE)

What are the factors that influence crystallinity?

In general it can be said that the most important factor affecting the crystallinity is the structure of the components used in polymer synthesis. If the polymer synthesized has a very symmetrical structure, then we can say that a highly crystalline material will form. The tacticity of the polymer i (MORE)

Do environmental factors influence your period?

No, periods are a natural part of female life. They happen when more than likely least expected . Normally the time that they happen is all down to genes , aka depending when your mum, sister, auntie, grandma ect started. It's best off that you don't start anyways, its awful. Hope (MORE)

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the factors that influence cell division is the leading contrary that helps the cell division. one factor is the growth of the cell that is being divided. another factor is the size and shape of the cell. a cell can be a nerve cell or a muscle cell which rarely divides.

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Use the formula for kinetic energy: KE = (1/2) mv 2 (one-half times the mass times speed squared). Clearly, the amount of kinetic energy depends both on the mass and on the speed of the object.

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Communication skills are indicative of emotional intelligence. Strong emotional intelligence basically means an intuitive ability to percieve and be sensitive to the emotions of others, as well as a raised awareness of your own emotions.In practice, this sensitivity to emotion enables you to communi (MORE)

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What are the factors that influence marketing environment?

Customer relationship management ( CRM ) is a widely implemented model for managing a company's interactions with customers , clients, and sales prospects. It involves using technology to organize, automate, and synchronize business processes-principally sales activities, but also those for mar (MORE)

How could the factor of the fitness influence performance?

Performance in general!? There are so many benefits to being fit! When you exercise, you release endorphins, which make you happy. When you exercise, you're improving your overall health, decreasing you risk of disease and improving your immune system. Does exercise improve your performance in schoo (MORE)

What were the factor that influenced you to be an entrepreneur?

Hi There is no finite answer to this question as entrepreneurs do work as a hobby for the most part. There hobby then sometimes manifests its self as a useful end product. Most entrepreneurs have worked to make ends meet, and follow there hobbies when they can. The Great inventors in history h (MORE)

What are the factors influencing of fashion?

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What are the factors that influence the performance of algorithm?

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What factors influence earthquake damage?

falling debree is the main one. such as buildings colapsing. you also have the ground that may break. car accidents due to scared people is another one that not many people would think of.

What are the factors which influence goodwill?

Goodwill is an intangible asset that reflects a business's customer connections, reputation and other similar factors. Goodwill shows the value of a firm's reputation. When a firm has a brand with a certain reputation and particular status within the market, this can be measured to have a lesser or (MORE)