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What are the five Cs of drama?

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What does the CS stand for in Marlin 336 CS?

The CS is just another abbrev. used by marlin during the long production on the model 336.The CS was used by marlin on the model 336 during 1984-2000.The CS usually referred t

What are the 6 cs of drama?

confidence, co-operation, commitment, communication, concentration and i think its creativity, I'm not entirely sure but that's what i can think of at the top of my head. Hope

Who is CS Upthegrove?

God's General CS Upthegrove, was the pastor of A.A. Allen's church in Miracle Valley, Arizona. I was saved in his meetings in 1972 and saw many amazing miracles. Does anyone

Who is CS Canonigo?

C.S canonigo is a good writer about declarations,orations and speeches.......

What does drama do?

Improves your self confedence and helps you speak to audiences.  It also helps you to become an actor/actress.

What is drama?

Strictly speaking, the drama is the script, the basis for theproduction. It contains the dialogue and the stage directions whichthe other artists; the director, the designers,

What makes a drama a drama?

A drama performance is has the genre of drama because it's dramatic. You have to perform your lines, not just speak them.

Who was CS Lewis?

CS Lewis was perhaps best known for writing the Chronicles of Narnia. However, there was more to his life than that. Initially raised in the Christian faith, he departed from

Does Justin make it to the final five on total drama action?

NO! Jusin does not make it in the final five of total drama action. the final five r, Lindsey,Dunkin,Courtney,Harold, and that other nerdy girl who was lindseys best friend