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What are the five Cs of drama?

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What is drama?

Strictly speaking, the drama is the script, the basis for theproduction. It contains the dialogue and the stage directions whichthe other artists; the director, the designers,

What is CS?

CS is a computer game. CS is short for Counter Strike. In this game there will usually be two teams. The Counter-terrorists and the Terrorists. The primary objective for eac

What was the drama?

Drama is basically the role of acting. Usually in drama you act as someone else. Using good: posture, use of stage, actions, facial expressions and loud voices. I do drama at

What is in drama?

dictionary- a composition in prose or verse presenting in dialogue or pantomime a story involving conflict or contrast of character dictionary- one intended to be acted on t

Does Justin make it to the final five on total drama action?

NO! Jusin does not make it in the final five of total drama action. the final five r, Lindsey,Dunkin,Courtney,Harold, and that other nerdy girl who was lindseys best friend

What are the 6 cs of drama?

confidence, co-operation, commitment, communication, concentration and i think its creativity, I'm not entirely sure but that's what i can think of at the top of my head. Hope

What does drama do?

Improves your self confedence and helps you speak to audiences.  It also helps you to become an actor/actress.

What five letter words end with cs?

alecs, blocs, chics, crocs, discs, epics, execs, fiscs, flics, flocs, laics, marcs, mercs, narcs, specs, syncs, talcs, torcs, zincs 19 words