What are the five generation of computer how are they classified?

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First generation (1940-1956) Vaccum Tubes
Second Generation(1956-1963)Transistors
Third Generation(1964-1971)Integrated circuits
Fourth Generation(1971-present)Microprocessors

We already know about some of the early computers - ENIAC , EDVAC , EDSAC , UNIVAC I and IBM . These machines and others of their time used thousands of vacuum tubes . A vacuum tube was a fragile glass device , which used filaments as a source of electronics and could control and amplify electronic signals . It was the only high-speed electronic switching device available in those days . These vacuum tube computers could perform computations in milliseconds and were referred to as first generation computers.
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What are the five generations of computers and how are they classified?

First Generation of the computers was developed by two scientists MAUCHLY and ECHERT in the year 1947. These computer were consist of Vacuum tube and they are not much r

Pictures of five generation of computer?

Pictures of the five generations of computers are not as easy to find as one might think. The best way to find them is to use a search engine and type in "(first, second…

Describe the five generations of computer?

The first generation was simple wooden computers like the abacus. The next was metal or brass computers used in ship navigation and other more complex tasks, such as the astro

How many generations of computer are there and how are they classified?

1. Desktop, the kind that, well, sit on a desk and do whatever you need it to do 2. Notebook/Laptop, the portable computer that you can take almost anywhere 3. Server, the

Why computers are classified into different generations of computer?

I'm not sure if you are referring to specific computer, for example the ML350 servers that HP build. If you are referring to this type of generation, then a new generation of
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How was the generation of computer classified?

Primarily by the hardware technologies used to implementthem. There have been some other systems used to classify computersinto generations, but they aren't used much now.
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How many generations of computers are there and how are they classified?

This varies somewhat depending on the preferences and agenda of thecomputer historian doing the classification. But one common way isbased on the type of electronics technolog