What are the five worst offending major countries in terms of pollution?

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Here are the 10 Worst Pollution spots: http://www.ens-newswire.com/ens/oct2006/2006-10-18-02.asp The U.S. The United States is the worst offending country in terms of pollution. The US emits 24% of the world's greenhouse gases. Top 5 1. U.S.A.
2. China
3. Japan
4. Germany
5. India
It should be noted that CO2 is not a pollutant in most science studies. Man produces 6% of the total CO2 and most of that from sources that would create CO2 anyway. China produces 27% of all CO2 if we still wish to use that politics (as opposed to science) and 30% of all smog. making it the worst offender.

You may wish to ask yourself why the idea that CO2 is a pollutant is even around! Man make so little of it and the atmosphere has changed (worst case) 0.007% since we even started making any! That number is even questionable!
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Major air pollution?

Answer . A major air pollution is green house effects, which leads to many other air pollutions. that's why it is major.

What is the worst country?

The worst country would be the least developed, poorly structured, most corruptable nation. It comes down to either Somalia or the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

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Herbert Hoover did not have a very successful Presidency. About theonly major bill he got through was a tariff to protect farmers.Unfortunately for him, he was President during the stock marketcrash that caused the Great Depression. The 20th Amendment wasratified under his administration, but he was (MORE)

What are the five worst countries in terms of education?

According to the United Nations' Educational, Scientific andCultural Organization, the countries with the worst educationalsystems are in Africa. The top five worst are Niger, Burkina Faso,Mali, the Central African Republic, and Ethiopia.

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What are Major sources of air pollution?

Some Major sources of air pollution are old cars because newer cars are better for the environment and old factories because newer factories are better for the environment.

What are four major pollutants?

There are a number of major pollutants. These include airpollution, water pollution, radioactive pollution, as well asthermal pollution.

Which are five worst places in the world?

The question needs to be more specific. Worst in terms of what? Weather (cold, heat, storms)? Economic conditions? Danger due to political situation? Most boring? Most unfriendly?

What is the major cause of land pollution?

the major cause of land polutions are for example ve have some natural minarals like cured oils .when these oil are been refined it helps todamage the land ,there by we say that land polution has occure. secndely the enginers like all these mecanics that repairs car all those west materials which ar (MORE)

Which state has worst water pollution?

New York has the worst water pollution. The Hudson river is the biggest river there.This river is able to give about 40 million gallons per DAY!! This river is so polluted; however, the river is not healthy enough for people to drink. :(

Where is the worst place of water pollution in the world?

the top ten are (not in order). 1. Dzerzinsk, Russia 6.Chernobyl, Ukraine. 2. Linfen, Shanxi, Province, China 7.La Oroya, Peru. 3.Kabwe, Zambia 8.Ranipet, India. 4.Norilsk, Russia 9.Rudnaya Pristan and Daneorsk, Russia. 5.Haina, Domimican Republic 10.Mailuu-Suu, Kryrgyzstan

What is the worst known case of water pollution?

There are no criteria for the "worst" case of water pollution so it is impossible to identify the winner. Contenders for the title would be: . The pollution of Lake Erie with phosphorous from detergents which ended commercial fishing for many years. . The release of mercury from pulp and paper m (MORE)

Where is air pollution worst?

In cities which have not taken steps to limit the problem - at the moment some of the Chinese cities have this problem.

What are America's worst major cities?

As of 2010, Cleveland, Ohio was named the Worst City in America due to it's harsh climate, high crime, high poverty level, high unemployment rate, and lack of interesting things to do, along with it's sharply declining population rate, as people are moving out by the tens of thousands. It was ranked (MORE)

What is Italy's major pollution issue?

There is concern over Italy's birth rate - the lowest in Europe - and the economic implications of an ageing population. With the population forecast to fall significantly over the next 50 years, the late Pope, John Paul II, instructed Italians to "rediscover the culture of life and love and... thei (MORE)

Which country is the worst?

Asking "Which country is the worst?" is like asking "Which person is the worst?" All countries have their good and bad points. All people have their opinions, which are influenced by the country they were brought up in and their personal likes, dislikes and views. Even when Hitler was leader over Ge (MORE)

What are the major air pollution problems?

Scientifically, air pollution causes acid rain, which can kill plants, animals (specifically fish) and runs off into the lakes and streams of the area. In the human body, air pollution has been linked to respiratory problems and lung cancer.

What is a major source of groundwater pollution?

Today's Otago Daily Times cartoon has a pair of farmers alongside a stream - and saying "Its perfectly clear it is not the cows polluting the stream - its all those dead fish". Not the answer you expected, but is indicative of one source of pollution.

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What are the 7 countries have worst pollution?

Austria - as they have massive smoking manufacturing industries. Thailand - as they have lots of vehicles making as the world most congested streets Philippines - as tons of waste products were not properly disposed

What is the major effect of nuclear pollution?

"Nuclear Pollution" is a meaningless term. If what is meant is irradiation, and what is meant is the effect on human beings, then the major effect is radiation sickness - your hair and teeth fall out, your bones become deformed, you suffer from diorrhoea, you vomit a lot and you develop lesions and (MORE)

What is the worst form of pollution?

This is an immensely complex question because it depends on "for who?" For example, read the following paragraph (an earlier answer): Smog. It can blind you, crash your car, cause respiratory problems, kill ozone, cause fumes in your car engine, make you late for work, and be quite a pain. Smoke (MORE)

What is the worst known case of air pollution?

Things that cause air pollution: cigarette smoking, some public transport (cars, buses etc...) The effect of air pollution is that it could end our world, there are several ways of stopping air pollution. Inhaling petrol or diesel fumes could damage your lungs and possibly kill you because of the ch (MORE)

What are major factors in river pollution?

Two of the major factors for river pollution are:Factories- many factories throw their waste straight into the ocean/rivers nearby. It is obviously cheaper and easier for them to throw the waste rather than recycle/figure a solution (and there are many) that will not pollute and destroy.Oil- Oil is (MORE)

Where in the world has the worst pollution?

The country that produces the most carbon dioxide emissions is China, which is responsible for over 20 percent of carbon dioxide pollution. The overall most polluted city in the world is Ahvaz, located in the country of Iran. Lastly, the country considered the most polluted is Mongolia, which is hea (MORE)

Where in Europe is the worst case of pollution?

In absolute figures the most air pollution is caused by big andbustling industrial countries, so Germany (the biggest industrialcountry in Europe) comes out on top. But if you look at who createsthe most pollution in relation to its industrial output (in otherwords: who has the 'dirtiest' industries (MORE)