What are the four main types of animal tissue?

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The four main types are epithelial, connective, muscular, and neural (nervous) tissue.
These types are further subdivided. For example, there are three types of muscular tissue: skeletal, smooth, and cardiac.

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What are the four main types of teeth?

Teeth help you chew your food, making it easier to digest. Each type of tooth has a slightly different shape and performs a different job. Types of teeth include: . Incisors. Incisors are the eight teeth in the front and center of your mouth (four on top and four on bottom). These are the teeth t (MORE)

What are the three main types of muscle tissue?

The three types are: 1. skeletal muscle which move the bones of the skeletal system. These are also voluntary which means that you must use your mind to move them. 2. Smooth muscle which is found forming hollow organs of the body. The GI tract, the respiratory tract, the reproductive and urinary (MORE)

What is the main type of abuse to animals?

That all depends on your viewpoint and your opinion. The biggestconcern for abuse and cruelty to animals, though, is neglect.Animal rescue organizations see more cases of animals beingneglected than any other form of abuse out there.

What are the Main tissue types and functions?

Muscle tissue: produce, force and cause motion. Nerve tissue: Forms brain, spinal cord and cranial nerves. Epithelial tissue: provides barrier for organs from outside environment. Connective tissue: Holds other tissues together such as bone of blood.. Muscle tissue: produce, force and cause (MORE)

What are the four main types of diseases?

Diseases can be divided into four main types: - pathogenic - deficiency - hereditary - physiological Atwaroo-Ali, Linda, 2003. Macmillan CXC Science Series Biology. Oxford: Macmillan Education

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What are the four types of animals?

There are four main classes of animals: Mammals ( Mammalia ), Birds ( Aves ), Reptiles ( Reptilia ), and Fish ( Chondrichthyes , Agnatha , Placodermi , Actinopterygii , Sarcopterygii ).

What are three main plant tissue types?

basically thre r only 2 types of plant tissues i.e. meristamatic tissue & permanent tissue. bt d 3 types for vich u r asking r divisions of meristematic tissue, d 3 types r APICAL , INTERCALARY & LATERAL .

What are the main types of animals?

Are you talking about domestic animals? If so cats and dogs would be best. Other domestic animals would be birds, gerbils, hamsters, ferrets, and snakes. African animals would include lions, giraffes, and elephants.

What are the four types of tissue and their functions?

A tissue is a group of cells that have a similar shape and function. Different types of tissues can be found in different organs. In humans, there are four basic types of tissue: epithelial, connective, muscular, and nervous tissue. There may be various sub-tissues within each of the primary tissues (MORE)

What organ has all four types of tissue?

OTHER PERSON's ANSWER: skin NOTE: That above answer is wrong (skin has no muscle tissue) I believe the correct answer is the Heart, having Epithelial, Nervous, Muscle, and Connective tissues. The Correct Answer is skin.. skin contains arrector pili(a muscle)

What are four types of animal fat?

i believe the answer you are looking for is . leaf . subcutaneous . intermuscular . intramuscular these are the four types of fat in animal meat, i got my answer from a text book that i use for my college culinary arts class

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Name all four major tissue types and their subcategories?

The four types of tissue are , 1.Epithelial Tissue, 2.Muscle Tissue ,3.Connective tissue, 4.Nervous tissue 1.Epithelial Tissue | a.simple--------------- b.stratified | ---------------------------------------------------------------------- | | | a.columnar b.ciliated c.cubical 2.muscle ti (MORE)

What are the four main types of parking?

there is parallel parking, emergency parking, parking on a hill, and prohibited parking. (at least that's what the handbook in Arizona says, but check with your state handbook.)

What are the four main types of vegetables?

Vegetables are classified into four main groups. Group one includesroot vegetables such as carrots, beets, and potatoes. Group twocontains broccoli, cauliflower, turnips, and cabbage. Group threeis all types of beans and peas. Group four is all other vegetables.

Name four types of tissue that can be found in your lungs?

1. Muscle 2. connective tissues expand and contract the lungs. 3. Nervous tissue sends and receives messages that help regulate gas exchange in the lungs and the rate at which a person breathes. 4. Epithelial tissue forms the inner lining of the lungs.

What are the main three types of plant tissue?

The three main types of plant tissues are; . Epideral: protects the cell from damage or dehydration, while the specilized GUARD CELLS allow gasses to pass through the epidermis.. Vascular: there are two types of transpoting tissues and they are called XYLEM and PHLOEM. They both transport mater (MORE)

The four main groups of tissues are?

Four types of tissues are: 1. connective (connects between body organs) 2. epithelial (covers the surfaces. Some conatin cilia which moves substances) 3.nervous ( conducts nerve impulses around the body for coordination) 4. muscles ( contracts to bring about locomotion/ movement)

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What are the 4 main body tissue type?

Connective tissue- connects . nervous tissue- fast-acting tissue, most controls. . muscular tissue- movement . epithelial tissue- Covers, linings.

What are the four main types of fats?

The four types of fat are saturated, monounsaturated,polyunsaturated, and trans fat (hydrogenation process). Polyunsaturated and monounsaturated are good for you since theyreduce the chances of getting heart disease. They also have otherhealth benefits.

What is the similarities between the four basic tissue types?

There are four basic tissue types. They all have in common that they are... . made up of cells . vital things any organism needs to live . around your bones Hope I helped! Sorry I couldn't think up of any more... I'm dealing with the same question right now and i just gave zou what I have so fa (MORE)

What are the four main types of wetlands?

There are actually 8 kinds of wetlands called: Seasonally Flooded Basin or Flat Wet Meadow Shallow Marsh Deep Marsh Shallow Open Water Shrub Swamp Wooded Swamp And Bogs

What type of tissue is not found in animals?

Plant tissues would not be found in animal cells. They include the following: Meristematic tissues Parenchyma Collenchyma Sclerenchyma Epidermis (different from the epidermis in animals) Xylem Phloem Source: Wikipedia article Tissue (Biology)

What are the main tissue types in teeth?

Enamel is the hard casing of the teeth. Under that is dentine, it's softer and more yellow in colour. Then there are the roots of the teeth they contain a series of blood vessels and nerve tissue. Hope i haven't missed anything.

What are the four tissue types of the human body?

Epithelium - Tissues composed of layers of cells that cover organ surfaces such as surface of the skin and inner lining of digestive tract: the tissues that serve for protection, secretion, and absorption. . Connective tissue - As the name suggests, connective tissue holds everything together. (MORE)

What are the four main types of the new testament?

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What are the four types of vertebrate tissues and their function?

Epithelial tissue - generally forms surfaces over and around things. They line ducts, glands, blood vessels, skin, and the GI and reproductive tracts of the body. They generally have protective, secretory/absorptive, and chemical modification functions in the body. Connective tissue - these hold o (MORE)

What are 2 main types of animals?

The two main types of animals are vertebrates, and invertebrates. This is classified as animals with a back bone (vertebrates), and animals without a back bone (invertebrates).

What are four basic types tissues in animals?

Connective, epithelial, muscular and nervous. Connective tissue is the most common in the body. Functions include support and protection. Bone, cartilage, and fat are all connective tissue, but blood and lymph are also connective. Epithelial tissue covers the body and forms the linings of most bo (MORE)