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What are the good aeronautical engineering colleges in Tamil Nadu where you can join after passing class 10?

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Iit chennai

hindustan college of engineering and technology


anna university gunidy thirunelveli...............
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What are the top ten engineering colleges in Tamil Nadu?

According to the book "CounsellingGuru" the top 10 engineering colleges in Tamil Nadu in 2010 are as follows. Code Numbers are given in the brackets. 1 [1] University depart

Top ten arts college for viscom in Tamil nadu?

1-St.Thomas college of arts and science. 2-Loyola college 3-madras christian college.

Top 10 civil engineering colleges in Tamil nadu?

sastra university annamalai university prist university psg college of tech srm university vit university arj engg college

Where is Tamil Nadu?

In India. It is in the southern end part of India. Having population of 6 Crores. Language is Tamil. (One of Six Classical Language of the world).

Tamils in outside Tamil nadu?

A lot of Tamils live out of Tamil Nadu . Almost 20% of Sri Lanka comprise of Tamil people . 90% of Northern Sri Lanka is Tamil and 70% of Eastern Sri Lanka is Tamil . Malaysia

Where is the best aeronautical engineering college in kerala?

nehru college of enginnering and techonology ,pampady,thrissur,keralanehru college of enginnering and techonology ,pampady,thrissur,keralais there any other college of aeronau

How do you apply to join in aeronautical engineering?

Hi, If you are planning to pursue an aeronautical engineering at the USA and if you are an international student, you may want to consider taking two tests: a) SAT - a test th

Top 200 engineering college in Tamil nadu?

There are almost 600 engineering schools in Tamil Nadu. The top  engineering school is Anna University in Chennai followed by the  Indian Institute of Technology in Madras..

Who are the top 10 millionaires of Tamil Nadu?

1.Ma.pragadish (perambalur) 2.r.rajesh (thiruvarur) 3.s.kanan (erode) 4.gopinath (ariyalur) 5.a.sabarinath (kaladakurichi) 6.m.hanish (uoothangarai) uk 7.rajkumar (kanchipura

When will the colleges reopen in Tamil Nadu?

  Its been officially announced that the Engineering and Medical colleges in TamilNadu will re-open on Monday, the 9th of February, 2009.     ----     T