What are the harmful effect to a mother and her baby if the mother's blood count is low?

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Weakness, dizziness and loss of consciousness for the mother, intrauterine growth restriction and brain damage do to low oxygen levels for the baby. Keeping your iron (RBC) level normal during pregnancy is very important for fetal health.
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What low blood count dangerous?

Answer . The exact number depends on the person, their size, weight, and age. It's based on the concentration of blood cells within your blood stream. If the percentage fal

White blood count low?

are you asking what happens when your white blood count gets low, your white blood cells are what fights off illnesses like the flu.

How low blood pressure is harmful?

Yes, it can be if you do not seek medical attention. If you are blacking out it can be VERY harmful, you could actually pass out and hit your head on nearby objects.

3 mo old baby has a low blood count mother is negative blood and father positive can this be the cause of the low blood count?

This can be a cause if the baby had a low blood count from birth or very shortly after, especially if this is not the first pregnancy. Hemolytic disease of the newborn can be
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Low white blood count?

Are you asking what a low white blood cell count indicates? If so, a low white count usually means the patient has cancer or a serious infection.

Can a baby have the mother's blood type?

Yes, a baby can have the mother's blood type, or may have a different blood type. The blood type is determined by chromosomes from the mother and the father, but the resulting