What are the hotel classification by target service level?

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*World class sevice hotels
*Mid-range service hotels
*Limited service hotels
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What are the hotel classification?

Answer . Taken with reference from " Research Department of the Caribbean Tourism Organization 2002". AA rating system (British System) . This system focuses on a consum

Hotel classification level's of service?

Hotel classification is normally based on the level of service.This is usually done in form of stars with five-star hotels beingthe best in the industry.

Different level of hotel service?

There are mainly three types of level of service: excellent customer service, acceptable customer service, and poor customer service. Every service could have large impact on

What are the Classification of hotels according to target market?

Commercial Hotels *Airport Hotels *Suite Hotels *Residential Hotels *Resort Hotels *Bed and breakfast Hotels *Timeshare and Condominium Hotels *Casino Hotels *Conference Cente

What is hotel service?

It's the service you call when you need an employee to get you something or do something for you. It's usually served when you call the front desk and ask for it. I hope you'r

What is hotel services?

hotel services are services such as cleaning and any other services that you dont need to pay for, they come when you get your room

What is classification of hotels?

Classification or Types of Hotels world wide : Hotels are classified according to the hotel size, location, target markets, levels of service, facilities, number of rooms
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What is a target market of a hotel?

The target market of a hotel varies accordingly - but it actually covers everyone who has the ability to accommodate their units.