What are the hotel classification by target service level?

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*World class sevice hotels
*Mid-range service hotels
*Limited service hotels
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What is Selective Service classification?

Answer . when 18 year old have to sign a paper saying that if your contry has an invasion you have to help fight!!!!. Men are not classified now. Classification is the process of determining who is available for military service and who is deferred or exempted. Classifications are based on each (MORE)

What are the hotel classification?

Answer . Taken with reference from " Research Department of the Caribbean Tourism Organization 2002". AA rating system (British System) . This system focuses on a consumer's perspective on accommodation properties. The objective was to introduce a classification system easily understood by the (MORE)

Classification of service marketing?

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What are the eight hotel classifications?

Official typing of hotels may exist somewhere, but here are a few:. Boutique Hotels (Small, intimate, cater to a small clientele, unique and expensive.) . Grand Hotels (Small in numbers, massive in scope, expensive.) . Dives or Flophouses (The name says it all.) . Destination Hotels (Everything (MORE)

What is the target market of five star hotel?

Traditional Business Segment : Guests belonging to this segment are predominately business people, 26-65 years old, staying in 2-3 star hotels, have visited the destination more than once and are travelling alone or with a business partner. They are "always" online and willing to pay for mobile in (MORE)

What is the target market in hotel?

Hotels target persons who are away from their home and needtemporary accommodations. Some of the people in the hotel targetpopulation include vacationers, travelling salesmen, and travellingexecutives. Hotels also have in their target population,organizations needing conference and meeting facilitie (MORE)

What are some issues in hotel classification?

Some of the issues in hotel classification includes the type of thehotel, size of the hotel, and the type of food offered. The type ofthe services offered also form some issues as far as hotelclassification is concerned.

What are the 4 classification of hotel?

There are much more than just four classifications of hotels. Amongthem are airport hotels, casino hotels, business hotels, luxuryhotels, extended stay hotels, resort hotels, apartment hotels, andsuite hotels.

How do Western hotel services compare to Indian hotel services?

Indian hotels are as good as Western hotels. There may be hotels inthe west which have luxurious rooms with Jacuzzi baths and arecentrally heated or cooled, costing as many dollars as a commonerin India might earn. But there are hotels as good as these in Indiaas well.. there should be no question f (MORE)

International Hotel classification system?

There is no such thing as International Hotel Classification System. Each hotel gets star ratings by local authorities. For example Sri Lanka Tourism Development Authority gives the star ratings for Hotels in Sri Lanka.

Different level of hotel service?

There are mainly three types of level of service: excellent customer service, acceptable customer service, and poor customer service. Every service could have large impact on hotel complex. Customer expectation is what they want to get while customer perception is what they really feel.. When the e (MORE)

What are the hotel classification in Philippines?

DELUXE CLASS . Following are the minimum requirements for the operation of a DELUXE CLASS Hotel in the Philippines when accredited by the Department of Tourism: . BEDROOMS • rooms are at least twenty-five (25) sqm • private bathroom with bathtub and shower and 24-hour running hot and (MORE)

What are the Classification of hotels according to target market?

Commercial Hotels *Airport Hotels *Suite Hotels *Residential Hotels *Resort Hotels *Bed and breakfast Hotels *Timeshare and Condominium Hotels *Casino Hotels *Conference Centers *Cruise Ships ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Hopefully, I Helped ^_^ http://www.facebook.com/amie.jimilgo (MORE)

What is hotel service?

It's the service you call when you need an employee to get you something or do something for you. It's usually served when you call the front desk and ask for it. I hope you're satisfied with the answer I gave you. My goal was to help. :D

What is hotel services?

hotel services are services such as cleaning and any other services that you dont need to pay for, they come when you get your room

What are the 7 levels of classification of a jellyfish?

Kingdom: Animalia Phylum: Cnidaria Subphylum: Medusozoa Classes: Cubozoa, Hydrozoa, Polypodiozoa, Scyphozoa, Staurozoa There are over 200 species of Scyphozoa, about 50 species ofStaurozoa, about 20 species of Cubozoa, and in Hydrozoa there areabout 1000-1500 species that produce medusae (and many (MORE)

Levels of classification for a musk oxen?

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What is Operational classification of services?


What are 7 levels of classifications of a spider?

Animals are complicated and unique creatures. The classifications will vary depending on the spider in question. A few examples: Brown recluse: . Kingdom: Animalia . Phylum: Arthropoda . Class: Arachnida . Order: Araneae . Family: Sicariidae . Genus: Loxosceles . Species: L. reclusa (MORE)

Level of organization classification?

biosphere, ecosystem, community, population, organism, organ system, organ, tissue, cell, organelle, molecule, atom, and subatomic particle is this what your looking for? if not probably kingdoms.

What is classification of hotels?

Classification or Types of Hotels world wide : Hotels are classified according to the hotel size, location, target markets, levels of service, facilities, number of rooms, ownership and affiliation etc. 1. Size - Or number of rooms Under 150 rooms 150 to 299 rooms 300 to 600 rooms Mor (MORE)

What are the classification of entrepreneurship in food service?

Classification of Entrepreneurs: Classification of Entrepreneurs Based on Functional Characteristics. Based on Developmental Angle. Based on Types of Entrepreneurial Business. Based on the nine Personality Types of Entrepreneurs. Based on Types of Motivation. Based on Types of Area. Based on Typ (MORE)

What hotels are near Target Center?

There are many but these are all within 1 mile of Target Center: . Graves 601 Hotel Wyndham Grand . Marriott Minneapolis City Center . Radisson Plaza Hotel Minneapolis . Le Meridien Chambers . Residence Inn By Marriott Minneapolis Downtown . The Westin Minneapolis . The Marquette by Hilton (MORE)

Who do telemarketing services generally target?

Most telemarketing services target the general populace, using numbers purchased from other companies. Some companies narrow their target audience, like those that procure lists of senior citizens.