What are the human characteristics of France?

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Eiffel Tower, wine, dolls, and biking marathon.

don't forget cheese, I love Camembert cheese!
oh right, also "baguette"
Countries don't have human characteristics, rephrase your question.
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What are human characteristics?

The are 7 human characteristics the easy way to remember them is to call them Mrs Gren because: . Movement . Respiration . Sensitivity . Growth . Reproduction . Extermin

What are the characteristics of Humanism?

humanism was a study first done in the renaissance. instead of learning only about god and religion, people, for the first time, started to just think about ourselves as peopl

What are two human characteristics of France?

Well, the Eiffel Tower, Champs Ellysse, and the Notre Dame Cathedral. Human characteristics are human-made things of France, that mark it for what it is - so pretty much the t

What is human characteristics?

The pattern that people make on the surface of the Earth, such as cities, roads, canals, farms and other ways people change the Earth. (answer is from: instech.tusd.k12.az.us

What are the characteristics of humans?

What distinguishes us from animals (and not "from other animals") is that we have reason, a soul and a spirit. Our science is far from undrestanding any of these three concept

What are human characteristics of France?

Well human characteristics are different from physical characteristics human characteristics mean stuff done by people and physical characteristics mean that they haven't been
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What are the characterists of a human?

An easy way to remember is MRS NERG M ovement R espiration (the process of energy being released by cells- NOT breathing, a common misconception.) S ensitivity N utrition E