What are the ingredients in chewing gum?

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Chewing gum main ingredients are
  • Gum Base - chicle, mastiche (organic), rubber (synthetic)
  • Sweetener - either sugar, sorbitol, or aspartame, with cornstarch for mass
  • Softeners - are added to maintain moisture
  • Flavorings - all kind of flavors (many use artificial chemical flavoring)
  • Color - added to bubble gum especially, but some gums are still gray -today there are practically all colors.
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What are the ingredients in trident chewing gum?

Sweeteners(maltitol,sorbitol,aspartame,acesulfame K) Gum Base Stabiliser(glycerol) Flavourings Gelatine(bovine) Acids(citic acid,malic acid) Emulifier(soya lecithi

Are there addictive ingredients in chewing gum?

As far as I know there are no addictive ingredients in any chewing gum apart from the nicotine in the gum made for people trying to quit smoking. If you chew these and you are

What are the ingredients of trident splash chewing gum?

The ingredients of Trident splash chewing gum are Sweeteners (Maltiol, Sorbital, Aspartame, Acesulfame K) Gum base, Stabiliser (Glycerol) flavourings Gelatine (Bovine) Acids (