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What are the ingredients in gelli baff jelly bath and can you easily make it from the kitchen cupboard?

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I tried making Gelli Baff and managed to make my own one, i used:
Sugar, food colouring (of your choice), bicarbonate of soda, milk powder and a small amount of water.
if you leave it to stand for a few hours it should go to the right substance.
Vivian and Judy. :)
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Is jelly baff good?

Jelly baff is not necessarily good for you because it is highly containing calores, sugar, no protein and especially bad for your muscles. SO DON'T EAT IT

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What is in gelli baff?

soadium polyacrilate (disposable diper goo jell powder), soadum chlorite thats all i lnow but its gross!

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